How To Drive An Automatic Car?

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The Indian automotive market has recently started to witness the advent of several automatic transmission cars. Prior to not more than 10 years, the Indian automobile owners were satisfied with using a gear level to make shifts. However, these days people look for more relaxing and convenient ways to things and clutchless drive or automatic cars in India are an ideal example of the same. Such type of transmission was earlier available in leading premium and luxury sedans of the domestic and global auto giants but has gradually become an integral part of all the vehicle segments. A person who has learnt driving on a manual transmission and has spent most of time in the car while shifting gears, he/she might just face certain hindrance while operating a clutchless drive.

Automatic car driving
Automatic car driving

Interestingly, there are numerable methods, which can quickly enable even a layman to drive an automatic car. Keeping in mind few guidelines about the clutchless operation, any person can learn to drive an automatic car. Given below are certain auto car driving tips, which can be followed by beginners as well adults:

  1. One of the most important and highly necessary auto car driving tips is to have the basic knowledge of the markings on the gear selector. Most of the automatic cars in India comprise a gear selector, which is marked sideways with the alphanumerics:  P, R, N, D, 2, 1. Here the marking simply reflects to Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, Second Gear and First Gear.

  1. To drive an automatic car, ensure that the gear lever is on P and the car is stationary. Press the brake pedal to start the ignition and then slowly change the lever from P to D, which is drive. Gradually remove the foot from the brake when the car moves and then press the acceleration pedal for smooth change of gears automatically. 

  2. To learn to drive an automatic car, one should also be aware of the shifting the gear to N when there is a stoppage. Doing so will ensure that the engine is immobilised and when the traffic starts, the one us to repeat the foremost step.

  1. After one has learnt to drive an automatic car, he/she must practice reversing the vehicle. Reversing is simple and can be done by just shifting the gear to R and then slowly releasing the brake pedal. The speed of car can be increased or decreased accordingly with the press of the acceleration pedal.

  1. Among the most important driving tips for automatic cars in India in learning the technique of Kick-Down. When the driver needs to initiate sudden throttle, he/she should press the acceleration pedal fully down. Being one of the most important auto car driving tips, these technique is used by several drivers. Doing so lead to over-riding the automatic gear selection and the car remains at low gears for long; thus, offering instant speed to the vehicle.

Almost all of the new and used automatic cars in India can be applied with the aforementioned tips and techniques. Driving an automatic transmission is not an arduous task but one just needs to practice with slight concentration.

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