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The Indian highways are considered a bliss for any auto enthusiast as they get to drive their vehicles on long and smooth roads. The national highways of India are a stretch of well-laid roads, which do not offer much hindrance to the running cars. Numerable auto fanatics plan out their car journeys on such routes to experience the unique pleasure of driving rapidly. However, safe driving on Indian highways is a must do for any driver as these roads also account for a considerable number of casualties each year. Car driving on highway can be an entertaining as well as hazard-free task if proper measures are undertaken by the driver. Be it new cars or used models, each vehicle should comply with certain rules and regulations in order to avoid any dreadful incident. There are a few highway driving tips one can consider in mind and these are as follows:

Car driving on highway
Car driving on highway
  1. Keeping focus: One of the most important highway driving tips is to always keep focus on the road ahead. The Indian highways are used by passenger cars as well as large commercial vehicles, such as trucks, trolleys and bogeys. As the speed limit is generally high on these roads, driver should always be concerned about his surroundings and keep a close eye on the road ahead.

  1. Being fully conscious: Safe driving on Indian highways also requires a person to be fully conscious and in a healthy state of mind so as to avoid any uncertain incident. It is always advised that before commencing a journey on highways, the driver should give full rest to his/her body. Slight negligence can lead to a severe accident, causing troubles for the driver as well as occupants.

  1. Maintaining speed and distance: Car driving on highway is not an easy task and needs to be taken seriously rather than a thrill. People should know on which lane to drive according to the speed so that they do not cause trouble to the fast-moving traffic behind. To enjoy safe driving on Indian highways, the driver should keep the car at a proper speed, which can be controlled if the vehicle starts steering away. Also, people are advised to keep a safe distance from other cars and big vehicles.

  1. Keeping a check of necessities: People should stock the car with all the necessities, such as water, snacks and first aid kit. The highways are long stretch of roads and one might not find these basic items in the midway. To ensure proper health and safety, one should keep a check of all the basic things in the car.

  1. Vehicle inspection: It is yet one of the significant highway driving tips to examine the condition of the car. Before taking used cars on highway, their engine condition and other factors should be thoroughly examined. People should keep the necessary tools in the car, keep a check on tyre pressure and replace the liquids, such as brake and engine oil, if they have dropped down from the required level. 

Safe driving on Indian highways ensures that the occupants are safe and can have the maximum fun out of such a trip. It is also advised to take a note of important phone numbers, such as ambulance, police enquiry and the car's helpline number before beginning a trip.

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