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      Facts That Raises Car Insurance Rates

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      If you own a car, then you should pay equal amount of attention to car insurance just like you do in case of buying new accessories or upgrading your car. You can save thousands of rupees if you carefully follow car insurance advice in India. There are a lot of people, professionals, online portals and magazines that can help you in terms of knowing various terms, insights, important points and notes regarding car insurance premium rates. There are a lot of companies in India that provide car insurance service. The one thing that you should pay most attention to is car insurance premium rates. Premium of your car varies from company to company, subjected to your car's condition and life. Below are the facts that play a vital role in terms of deciding car insurance premium rates -

      Facts that raises car insurance rates
      Facts that raises car insurance rates
      • Life: It play a major role while taking a car insurance. In simple words, the older your car, the more premium you will have to pay. At the same time if it is comparatively new, then rate of insurance premium is less.

      • Condition of your car: If you have maintained your car, then chances are high that you end up paying lesser than those who haven't maintained their cars efficiently. The main reason behind difference in premium rate is nothing but the insurance company's terms and conditions.

      • Your history: One thing that plays important role in insurance premium rate is your history. It simply means that how have you driven your car in past? How frequently have you met with accidents? On the basis of these points, the company decides car insurance rates. If you have been part of road accidents quite often, then your car insurance rates are likely to be on higher side. The logic behind it can be understood simply in the following way- insurance company pretends that if you have indulged in accidents in past, then there are chances that you can do the same again. On the basis of this logic, the company increases the car insurance rates as it thinks that there is more risk covering your car than any normal human being.

      So these are some important car insurance tips that can give you fair idea about the points that affect the rate of car insurance premium. If you pay close attention to all these car insurance tips, then you can save thousands of rupees in your insurance premium payment. So make sure you remember all of these car insurance tips always.

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