Self Healing Paint For Cars

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Most important problem being faced by car owners or any motorist is to clean their car each and every day. This would become more cumbersome in winter and rainy reason. They would easily get irritated and may leave the car in that filthy way full of dirt and dust. This leads to damage of car within a very less time. Have you ever thought of something that would remove dust or scratches? If your answer is NO, do not worry. There is a new automobile technology coming soon which would do that for you. Yes, we will be seeing self healing paint for cars soon.

Self healing paint for cars
Self healing paint for cars

The so called self healing paint technology is nothing but a paint that would be applied to your car. Most interesting part of this self healing paint technology is that, it would remove any dirt marks or scratches from the car when it is exposed to sun. This would be a new era in automobile technology all over the globe.

First of all, Nissan is using this self healing paint for cars. This is also known as self-cleaning paint or self-healing Nano paint. Nissan uses Ultra-Every Dry as it is self-healing paint technology and it is in the testing phase right now. This self-healing paint for cars creates a protective barrier between car paint and the outside world. So, this car paint protection will be a trend in automobile technology.

Ultra Tech International is working along with Nissan to come up with this eco-friendly car coating and hoping it will be success. The organization says that, self-healing paint technology “Ultra-Ever Dry” is super hydrophobic and oleo phobic coating and it will not keep any liquid with it. It repels as and when liquid falls on it. This would be the innovative way for car paint protection. The protective barrier does this job of repelling. It will not allow water, oil and any sort of liquid to be with it.

Ultra-Every Dry along with the Teflon coatings will do the job perfectly. This type of car coating creates a surface of bumps which are tiny, that would stop the benefits taken by water, oil and any type of liquid. Nissan still needs to test, for how long this self-healing paint for cars lasts on the cars on the basis of temperatures. This car paint technology also helps in removing the scratches.

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