Fog Lamp - Car Lighting System

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Driving to your destination during thick fog, is like trying balancing yourself over a thick rope! Reports have stated that driving in Fog can affect your visibility by over 50%. These lights deliver wide, bar-shaped beam of light with a sharp cutoff at the top, and are generally aimed and mounted at a lower angle. The lights produced are either in shades of yellow or white and are supposed to be used at low speeds. New cars in India are often loaded with ample car lighting systems, whereas predated used cars in India do not feature even the basic like a fog lamp. Nowadays, economic cars also feature fog lamps as a basic in the list of car accessories. 

Fog Lamp � Car Lighting System
Fog Lamp – car lighting system

Use of fog lamps when not required is an offense in some of the countries. For example, law in New South Wales, Australia states that - “The driver of a vehicle must not use any fog light fitted to the vehicle unless the driver is driving in fog, mist or under other atmospheric conditions that restrict visibility”. In India, there is no legal requirement for installing fog Lamps. They are usually provided in top versions of new cars in India to give an enhanced look to the car. But, in places prone to Fogs, it becomes a necessity and not a mandatory requirement. States to the North of India is more prone to heavy fogging, owing to chilly winter climatic conditions.

Driving in fog can prove lethal at times! In cars that do not come with pre-fitted lamps, it would be wise to install one as an after-market accessory. You can opt for good after-market fog lamps at a price range of Rs. 700 – Rs. 5,000. The Fog Lamp are out on your car for a purpose and it’s better to use them only when required.

Pointers to be remembered before installing a fog lamp:

  1. Turn-on the lamps only when visibility conditions are affected due to mist, fog, or any other extreme atmospheric condition.
  2. Do not use them under normal conditions.
  3. These lamps are intended for use while driving at low speed only
  4. The Fog Lamps are supposed to be fitted at a lower angle.
  5. Fog Lamps should not be mistaken for Driving Lamps. The Former is just meant to be used in extreme weather, whereas the latter is supposed to be used in poor lighting conditions.

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