Team Manipal Racing launches off-road car; scheduled to perform at tracks of Burlington

Tuesday 01 May 2012, 23:50 PM by

After successfully unveiling their vehicles in US and Europe at the international student race tracks, the Manipal Institute of Technology’s Team Manipal Racing (TMR) introduced their off-road vehicle on 30th April 2012. The car was launched by Dr. Ramadas M Pai, chancellor of Manipal University. This vehicle is scheduled to spark at the tracks of Burlington, Wisconsin, US. The off-road racing competition is controlled by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), based in US, which will kick-off from 7th June 2012 lasting till 10th June 2012.

Siddharth Singh, Team Leader and Captain at launch ceremony, said, “It is an all terrain vehicle and is the third one from this college to take part in an international off-road track event. The students from Manipal Institute will take part in this event. It is a perfect platform to apply engineering knowledge and skills in a real world environment. We hope to do far better this time with a lot of improvement in our ATV.”

TMR made its debut in 2009 at Wisconsin, wherein the team finished 97th from the total of 115, and came 14th in designing category. In 2010 at Rochester, TMR finished 62nd out of 94. However, TMR was acknowledged as the best Indian team at both of these competitions. Singh further said, “Past experiences have helped us tremendously in the present venture to improve the vehicle in every way.”

David Furtado, a team member, said, “TMR V3 features various technical advancements over previous designs. It is one of India’s lightest BAJA car and advanced, lightweight materials have been used. It also has better electronics system this year, with the inclusion of an onboard speedometer, various instrumentation gauges permitting real-time monitoring of various vehicle performance parameters from the pit-crew. The incorporation of a Limited Slip Differential has drastically improved turning performance and stability.”

TMR incorporates 36 members, which are split into three management and six technical sections. Different departments include suspension, transmission, chassis, steering, brakes and electronics under technical, whereas the management team is further divided into logistics, finances and public relations.

Krishnamurthy, faculty advisor, said, “Preparations for this year’s race began way back in 2010, after the team decided to skip the 2011 event in Illinois, USA. The time was utilised to develop the design and come up with a better vehicle. The final design was completed by mid-2011 and the fabrication began in October 2011.”

The TMR V3 will now have to struggle with 115 teams, which will participate from all over the world.

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