SkyCar First Successful Test Drive in the Sky

Wednesday 30 September 2009, 00:00 AM by Satish Kalepu

This is the new sky car that has taken first successful test drive in the sky crosses Strait of Gibralter en route from London to Timbuktu. The ingenious British Skycar is a flying prototype that is also road-worthy and has taken successful test drive in the skies.

The concept of first skycar was first conceived in 1949 but despite the efforts of the Pentagon, pioneer Canadian millionaire Paul Moller no one has been able to successfully develop such a car and put it on the market as well. Now 29 year old British Giles Cardozo who is a madcap engineer of paramotor world has put together a prototype with a limited budget of £100,000 or approximately Rs. 76.00 lakh.

SkyCar  First Successful Test Drive in the Sky |

"It was my boyhood dream to build a flying car," Cardozo said. "But it is also a viable commercial project." He has been working with paramotors for 10 years and has already succeeded in flying one higher than Everest with adventurer Bear Grylls. "When I fly a helicopter and take my hands off the controls it's only seconds before I would be upside down but in the SkyCar, once you are set you can take your hands and feet off the controls, sit back and enjoy being in the air – like being on autopilot," says Cardozo.

The basic design comprises of a souped-up buggy which has a sail on top of it. There is a small fan motor that takes it forward and the fabric wing takes it up and away.

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