New Chevrolet Volt Features, Test Runs and Problems

Tuesday 24 November 2009, 00:00 AM by Satish Kalepu

It is less than a year left for the launch of new Chevrolet Volt to begin rolling off the assembly line. The hybrid model will come with lithium manganese polymer chemistry to store power for the plug-in hybrid, which has a range of at least 40 miles without burning any gasoline. The battery pack has a 10 year life but according to General Motors "10 years of battery life is the norm, but some people could get more battery life depending on the climate where they live and their driving conditions." The battery is well protected inside the vehicle and the vehicle has an electric cabin heater to provide comfort to the passengers. At certain temperature levels, the engine will also heat the battery and also offer heater seats.

General Motors team is working round the clock to test the new hybrid model addressing issues like safety features, energy requirements, customer satisfaction and regulations apart from its regular features like performance, design and style.

Chevrolet Volt has already undergone 250,000 miles of test run during pre-production and test mules including settings such as Death Valley and Pikes Peak.

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