Maruti Suzuki plans to recruit 500 employees for Manesar facility

Tuesday 17 April 2012, 10:33 AM by

Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL), the largest car maker in India, announced on 12th April 2012 that the company will recruit around 500 more workers during this fiscal. These workers will be hired to carry flawless operations for the company’s second manufacturing plant at Manesar, which started its operations last year.

For the time being, Maruti Suzuki is going ahead with wage discussions for a period of three years with their labour at the Gurgaon unit, whereas the same at the company’s Manesar unit will commence within next 2 to 3 weeks. It is expected that the company will finalise the terms and conditions of agreement by the end of May.

S Y Siddiqui, Managing Executive Officer (Administration), MSIL, said, “We need more workers at Manesar for the Plant B. We will hire about 500 people for this by the end of this fiscal.”

In the current scenario, the company has provided employment to near around 2,200 employees at both of its Manesar units. Apart from the company’s first manufacturing unit, MSIL has planned to spend a sum of more than Rs. 3,625 crore to establish two new production facilities with annual production capacity of 2.5 lacs units at its Manesar plant. The company’s second facility started its operations last year, whereas its third unit is scheduled to start business operations in fiscal 2012.

Siddiqui further said that the company will also recruit employees in varied slabs like diploma engineer trainees, technicians and laterals for its second plant. During April 2011, he commented that the company will basically appoint a minimum of 2,300 employees for its two new facilities at Manesar. However in a couple of years, the company will provide employment to around 11,000 workers. Addressing wage negotiations, he commented, “We have started negotiations with the Gurgaon plant's workers. We are hopeful of reaching an agreement by the end of May and it will be implemented with retrospective effect from April this year.”

On the other hand, Siddiqui refused to share information regarding the range of hike in per cent, which will be offered to workers. Rather he said, “It is very difficult to say at this moment what could be the hike for the workers. Our team is discussing with the workers.”

Presently, Suzuki Motor Corp (SMC) has a stake of 54.2 per cent in MSIL, which has recruited a total of 9,148 employees, as per the data released on 31st March 31, 2012.

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