General Motors' 100th Birthday

Tuesday 16 September 2008, 00:00 AM by Rishi

General Motors is getting ready for its 100th birthday. It is getting ready to give itself a new look and boost up its declining car sales in India and worldwide. It has launched its Facebook profile to get personal with its customers. The Facebook profile is a step from the company to get closer to its customers and let them know the company better. It already has blogs, mobile and web advertising space as well as other digital media advertisement online. It now plans to launch its Indian community Facebook profile as well. This will enable customer interactivity with the company.

It is also planning to enter the used car market which is the next growing segment in India. Currently, 75 percent of the used car market is controlled by unorganised segment and remains untapped by the bigger players. Unlike other car manufacturers, used car showrooms from General Motors shall sell all brands of cars. This will enable the company to reach out to wider customer base.

It further gets ready to announce the financial information about Hummer to potential buyers in coming weeks. It has already hired Citigroup to consider its strategic options. General Motors has seen the recent crisis like never before. It held its dividend first time in 86 years. It now plans asset sales and other strategic options to revive the current company crisis.

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