Electric Cars from Indian Firms

Friday 29 August 2008, 00:00 AM by Rishi

It is the age of fuel efficient cars where people are looking for alternative energy sources for their commuting needs. Indian auto market is booming and nearly all major auto companies are flocking down to the mainland. However, the rising fuel prices has given a boost to the electric cars in the country.

Till date, Bangalore based company held the monopoly with their model, Reva. Now major auto makers have taken notice of this particular market segment and have announced to launch major electric cars in the country. Tata Motors has announced to launch an electric car by the year end this year. Mahindra is also planning to introduce an electric car in India shortly.

Mahindra owned electric car shall be an affordable model but it would be a four seater car. The new model from Mahindra shall be better equipped and more expensive than the erstwhile Reva G-Wiz which is a two seater car. Mahindra shall first cater to the domestic demands and then plans to export the same to other countries around the world.

Tata Motors is also planning five electric models in India. It plans to launch its first model by the year end and has already tried and tested Indica platform for the same. It would approximately have a range of 200 hundred kilometres and the car shall be initially launched in Norway. Thereafter, the company shall bring it to India to cater to domestic demands.

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