Audi India inducts new nomenclature across model range

Friday 10 October 2014, 10:33 AM by

Indian arm of luxury auto giant, Audi, has inducted new nomenclature across its model range available for sale in domestic market. Among its model range, A3 saloon is the first vehicle to get the new nomenclature, and they refer to it as Dynamic badging. Here is the new nomenclature for the sedans-A8L powered with 4.2 litre diesel powertrain will now be called 60 TDI and petrol variants will adorn 60 TFSI badge. In case of its popular entry level crossover Q3, which houses same engine offering varied power outputs, badges vary. The 2.0 litre, diesel engine powering Q3 is classified as 30 and 35 TDI as per its capacity to engender varied power output.

Audi India inducts new nomenclature across model range |
Audi India inducts new nomenclature across model range

The new nomenclature has been replaced with the previous pattern that specified engine capacity with either a TDI or TFSI badge.

However according to the new nomenclature pattern which is rather a tad complex, the badges vary as per the level of G-force generated under acceleration. The bigger or more powerful engine will accelerate hard generating more downforce under acceleration. Or we can simply say that vehicles that can accelerate faster get higher badging.

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