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Land Rover Range Rover Velar Car Loan EMI Calculator

Land Rover Range Rover Velar
Land Rover Range Rover Velar 88.1 lakh - 1.59 Crore
Versions 2.0 R-Dynamic S Diesel 180
City Mumbai

Adjust Range Rover Velar Car Loan Parameters

1,46,939 EMI for 5 Years
On-Road Price
Down Payment
Loan Tenure
Loan Interest Rate

Land Rover Range Rover Velar 2.0 R-Dynamic S Diesel 180 Car Loan EMI

On-Road Price ₹88,10,320
Ex-Showroom Price ₹72,46,802
Max Loan Amount ₹72,46,802
Down Payment as per
your Selection
Loan Amount 72,46,802
EMI Amount 1,46,939
Interest Component 15,69,538 (17.8%)
Principal Component 72,46,802 (82.2%)
Total Payable over 5 Years 88,16,340
Note: This doesn't include bank processing fee.

Land Rover Range Rover Velar Loan Repayment Schedule

This table helps you understand, how much loan payment will be pending at the end of the each year of the loan. This way, you can arrive at the amount you will need if you decide to pre-pay your loan.

Months Principal Paid Interest Paid Balance Loan
12 ₹12,27,899 ₹5,35,369 ₹60,18,903
24 ₹13,29,814 ₹4,33,454 ₹46,89,089
36 ₹14,40,188 ₹3,23,080 ₹32,48,901
48 ₹15,59,723 ₹2,03,546 ₹16,89,179
60 ₹16,89,179 ₹74,089 ₹0

Land Rover Range Rover Velar EMI

Land Rover Range Rover Velar Car Loan EMI calculated for - Interest rate: 8%, Tenure - 5 years, Down-payment : ₹15.64 Lakh

On-Road Price in Mumbai Down Payment EMI
2.0 R-Dynamic S Petrol
33,91,037* 1,75,898
2.0 R-Dynamic S Diesel
35,68,007* 1,75,898



Here is how - Land Rover Range Rover Velar price starts from ₹88,10,320 in Mumbai. If you pay a down payment of ₹15,63,518 for a 5-year loan available at an 8% interest rate, your EMI amount will be ₹1,46,939.

The cheapest Range Rover Velar model is 2.0 R-Dynamic S Diesel 180 which is priced at ₹1,46,939 in Delhi.

You will need to pay at least a ₹13,11,775 to buy this model.

Note: Down payment is the amount you would pay upfront to buy your car. Bank give you a loan for the remaining amount.

Here is a model wise list of max loan amount for Range Rover Velar.

VersionOn-road price MumbaiMax Loan
2.0 R-Dynamic S Diesel 18088103207246802
2.0 R-Dynamic S Petrol 25090173957528000
2.0 Diesel 180104296458290000
2.0 Petrol 250104089208290000
2.0 R-Dynamic Petrol 250106643638495000
2.0 R-Dynamic Diesel 180106643638495000
S R-Dynamic 2.0 Petrol120660378675000
S R-Dynamic 2.0 Diesel122430078675000
2.0 S Petrol 250109215788684000
2.0 S Diesel 180109215788684000
2.0 SE Diesel 180112149918919000
2.0 SE Petrol 250111926948919000
2.0 R-Dynamic SE Petrol 250114709469124000
2.0 R-Dynamic SE Diesel 180114481369124000
2.0 HSE Diesel 180117855849376000
2.0 HSE Petrol 250117621449376000
2.0 R-Dynamic HSE Petrol 250120175879581000
2.0 R-Dynamic HSE Diesel 180120175879581000
3.0 Diesel 3001418932711577000
3.0 R-Dynamic Diesel 3001445084311827000
3.0 S Diesel 3001471843412054000
3.0 R-Dynamic S Diesel 3001497952612303000
3.0 SE Diesel 3001498851912341000
3.0 R-Dynamic SE Diesel 3001525003512591000
3.0 HSE Diesel 3001556908312896000
3.0 R-Dynamic HSE Diesel 3001586241513145000

Good Practice will be to chose the shortest possible tenure for which you can afford an EMI amount.

1. If you select a higher tenure loan, let's say 7 years, your EMI for Range Rover Velar will be ₹1,12,950 but you will have to pay interest of ₹22,40,998 over the period of 7 years.

2. If you select a lower tenure loan, let's say 3 years, amount will be higher at ₹4,11,917, but your interest payment will be only ₹16,84,012 over the period of 3 years period.


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