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      CarTrade Authors

      We TALK, WALK & STOCK Cars!

      The News team consists of auto fanciers who are literate in automobile engineering & journalism; passion for cars rein their minds and hearts. These experienced industry professionals cover everything on current auto market conditions and trends, jointly contributing unique, recent and the most relevant news assuring timeliness.

      • Haji Chakralwale

        Haji Chakralwale

        An automobile fanatic, I love anything which can be driven. I am all about cars and aiming to go on screen with my passion. A big tech savvy. Always keeping myself updated with the latest tech and there's exactly where my earning goes.

      •  Pawan Mudaliar

        Pawan Mudaliar

        An avid traveler, an adventure seeker, and a sucker for road trips be it on two wheels or four. Loves to be around automobiles and new technologies fascinate me a lot. I would be either motorcycling on some interior roads of the state or camping in the mountains. Likes to cook and obviously eats a lot. During my free time, I love to work on automobiles.

      • Vikrant Singh

        Vikrant Singh

        Vikrant is responsible for content creation and delivery at CarWale, BikeWale and CarTrade. He has been a motoring journalist for nearly a decade and a half and in that time has worked with some of the largest automobile magazines. Now though, he is completely dedicated to the new-age digital world.

      • Santosh Nair

        Santosh Nair

        Writer, journalist and car tester, Santosh is part of the core car evaluation / testing team at CarWale. Easily the most soft spoken, he is disciplined and has a trick or two on how to get two-strokes working in top order. He loves having his share of fun as well.

      • Abhishek Nigam

        Abhishek Nigam

        Abhishek is a true blue motoring enthusiast and loves his set of wheels, be it two or four. He is responsible for all the curated content that goes up, videos on the Carwale and Bikewale Youtube channel and the luxury content. He is also an avid biker and a major scale model and radio control car buff.

      • Desirazu Venkat

        Desirazu Venkat

        Venkat is one of the larger members of our team but his enthusiasm for vehicles both four-wheeled and two-wheeled is as big as him. A big foodie, he loves to cook up a storm both in the kitchen and on the website but also cracks terribl(y) intelligent and sometimes inappropriate jokes.

      • Sagar Bhanushali

        Sagar Bhanushali

        A proper old car nut, Sagar has managed to combine his love of journalism with automobiles. At CarWale, Sagar is responsible for testing and evaluation of every new car that comes into the office. On his days off he can be seen fixing things on his Fiat 1100 Delight and Maruti SS80.

      • Sonam Gupta

        Sonam Gupta

        Sonam leads Hindi content creation at Carwale. She has her interests and experience in topics ranging from politics to lifestyle, but it's the motor world she rests her passion with. Never the one to miss out an opportunity to get in a car related adventure, Sonam just loves getting behind the wheel.

      • Kapil Angane

        Kapil Angane

        Kapil is the chief photographer and the visionary eye behind the amazing clicks that you see on the website. Always on time and on-the-go, Kapil also loves riding his Bullet, playing with dogs and one day hopes to own and two-door sports car.

      • Ninad Ambre

        Ninad Ambre

        Part of the car testing and evaluation team, Ninad is tasked with getting consistent and repeatable real world fuel economy figures for all our test cars. But, it doesn’t end there because he is on the ball even when it comes to car reviews and news. And yes, he loves motorcycles too.

      • Ivana Edwards

        Ivana Edwards

        Ivana heads the copy desk at Carwale and Bikewale and ensures everything that goes up on the website is error-free. Outside of work, Ivana is an avid motorcyclist, an ace baker and a compulsive traveller. She is also your go-to person for all spontaneous adventures, unplanned trips, music festivals and long roadtrips.

      • Siddharth


        Hello. My love for cars, bikes, planes, boats, tanks and so many other machines brought me to CarWale.

      • Ajinkya Lad

        Ajinkya Lad

        Ajinkya drives video production and scheduling for both, BikeWale as well as CarWale.

      • Gajanan Kashikar

        Gajanan Kashikar

        I'm a car and motorcycle enthusiast and love writing about them. I'm also an avid photographer

      • Nikhil Puthran

        Nikhil Puthran

        Nikhil has been reporting on cars for over eight years. He might have a keen eye for news but he has a soft corner for German cars, both old and new. Nikhil also enjoys a good drive or ride after a hectic day at work.

      • Aditya Nadkarni

        Aditya Nadkarni

        Aditya is a true blue car enthusiast who is passionate about bikes too. A stickler for detail, he is adept at keeping track of events in the industry, and has his eyes and ears peeled for the smallest updates.

      • Jay Shah

        Jay Shah

        Holding a bachelors degree in law, Jay loves everything on wheels. Jay is someone who remembers a person by his/her car's licence plate rather than the actual name. Not only is Jay dependable and hardworking, but he is also a proper Gujju. He is also vegetarian, leaving us with more meat!

      • Bilal Ahmed Firfiray

        Bilal Ahmed Firfiray

        Having grown on a healthy diet of car magazines, Bilal now spends most of his spare time behind the screens researching, reading, rendering, rambling, rummaging and recommending cars. Progressing from restoring motorcycles, Bilal now plans on applying his mechanical engineering expertise with cars soon. Entrusted with shooting, testing, reviewing and talking about cars at CarWale, Bilal never has a ‘no’ for an answer

      • Vinay Wadhwani

        Vinay Wadhwani

        Vinay is an automobile enthusiast who loves to write about cars, bikes and everything on wheels. He currently handles news and social media for Carwale Hindi. He loves to eat, but also works out everyday to burn all those extra calories.

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