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  • Audi R8
    Santosh Nair
    04 Jul 2016
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    Ratings: 4.71 from 7 user(s)
    This is closest we can get to time travel. We welcome the Audi R8 V10 plus coupe. Over the years Audi’s technological knowhow have helped its prototypes achieve 13 wins in the Le Mans, the most gruelling long-distance race in the world. With such a lega....
  • Audi R8
    Aditya Chatterjee
    09 May 2015
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    It enjoys the flamboyance of being a high performance sports car and also makes sure its muscle pack of V10 make you reach triple digit speeds at just 3.5 seconds, all this with a dose of practicality. With so much of performance belted underneath, the R8....
  • Audi R8
    Satish Kalepu
    28 Dec 2008
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    The German luxury car manufacturer, Audi had allocated 15 Audi R8s for India. Surprisingly all R8 models have already been sold in the country. The car was officially unveiled at the lawns of German Embassy in New Delhi. Two other racing models from Au....

  • Audi R8
    Audi R8 User Review
    kunal shah
    19 Dec 2011

    What's Good: I got the opportunity to drive Audi R8 recently and have to admit that the super sports car is one...

    What Can Improve: ...