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        What is the on-road price of Tata Safari?

        Tata Safari on road price in Mumbai starts from ₹ 18.71 Lakh for the base version XE and goes up to ₹ 28.76 Lakh for the top version XZA Plus Gold 6 S.
        Version NameEx-Showroom Price, IndiaFuel TypeTransmission
        XE₹ 15.35 LakhDieselManual
        XM₹ 16.80 LakhDieselManual
        XMA₹ 18.10 LakhDieselAutomatic (TC)
        XT New₹ 18.30 LakhDieselManual
        XT Plus New₹ 19.10 LakhDieselManual
        XT Plus Dark Edition₹ 19.40 LakhDieselManual
        XZ New₹ 20.00 LakhDieselManual
        XTA Plus₹ 20.40 LakhDieselAutomatic (TC)
        XTA Plus Dark Edition₹ 20.70 LakhDieselAutomatic (TC)
        XZ Plus New₹ 21.05 LakhDieselManual
        XZ Plus 6 S New₹ 21.15 LakhDieselManual
        XZ Plus Adventure New₹ 21.30 LakhDieselManual
        XZA New₹ 21.30 LakhDieselAutomatic (TC)
        Kaziranga XZ Plus₹ 21.30 LakhDieselManual
        XZ Plus 6S Adventure New₹ 21.40 LakhDieselManual
        XZ Plus Dark Edition₹ 21.40 LakhDieselManual
        Kaziranga XZ Plus 6S₹ 21.40 LakhDieselManual
        XZ Plus 6 S Dark Edition₹ 21.50 LakhDieselManual
        XZ Plus Gold₹ 22.16 LakhDieselManual
        XZ Plus Gold 6 S₹ 22.26 LakhDieselManual
        XZA Plus New₹ 22.35 LakhDieselAutomatic (TC)
        XZA Plus 6S New₹ 22.45 LakhDieselAutomatic (TC)
        XZA Plus Adventure New₹ 22.60 LakhDieselAutomatic (TC)
        Kaziranga XZA Plus₹ 22.60 LakhDieselAutomatic (TC)
        XZA Plus 6S Adventure New₹ 22.70 LakhDieselAutomatic (TC)
        XZA Plus Dark Edition₹ 22.70 LakhDieselAutomatic (TC)
        Kaziranga XZA Plus 6S₹ 22.70 LakhDieselAutomatic (TC)
        XZA Plus 6 S Dark Edition₹ 22.80 LakhDieselAutomatic (TC)
        XZA Plus Gold₹ 23.46 LakhDieselAutomatic (TC)
        XZA Plus Gold 6 S₹ 23.56 LakhDieselAutomatic (TC)

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