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        Does Tata Safari have key-less entry feature?

        The key-less entry feature is available in selected models of Tata Safari - XM, XMS, XMA, XT New, XT Plus New, XMAS, XT Plus Dark Edition, XZ New, XTA Plus, XTA Plus Dark Edition, XZ Plus New, XZ Plus 6 S New, XZ Plus Adventure New, XZA New, Kaziranga XZ Plus, XZ Plus Jet, XZ Plus 6S Adventure New, XZ Plus Dark Edition, Kaziranga XZ Plus 6S, XZ Plus 6S Jet, XZ Plus 6 S Dark Edition, XZ Plus Gold, XZ Plus Gold 6 S, XZA Plus New, XZA Plus 6S New, XZA Plus Adventure New, Kaziranga XZA Plus, XZA Plus Jet, XZA Plus 6S Adventure New, XZA Plus Dark Edition, Kaziranga XZA Plus 6S, XZA Plus 6S Jet, XZA Plus 6 S Dark Edition, XZA Plus Gold, XZA Plus Gold 6 S.
        Version NameEx-Showroom Price, IndiaCentral Locking
        XE₹ 15.35 LakhWith Key
        XM₹ 16.80 LakhRemote
        XMS₹ 17.97 LakhRemote
        XMA₹ 18.10 LakhRemote
        XT New₹ 18.30 LakhKeyless
        XT Plus New₹ 19.10 LakhKeyless
        XMAS₹ 19.27 LakhRemote
        XT Plus Dark Edition₹ 19.40 LakhKeyless
        XZ New₹ 20.00 LakhKeyless
        XTA Plus₹ 20.40 LakhKeyless
        XTA Plus Dark Edition₹ 20.70 LakhKeyless
        XZ Plus New₹ 21.05 LakhKeyless
        XZ Plus 6 S New₹ 21.15 LakhKeyless
        XZ Plus Adventure New₹ 21.30 LakhKeyless
        XZA New₹ 21.30 LakhKeyless
        Kaziranga XZ Plus₹ 21.30 LakhKeyless
        XZ Plus Jet₹ 21.35 LakhKeyless
        XZ Plus 6S Adventure New₹ 21.40 LakhKeyless
        XZ Plus Dark Edition₹ 21.40 LakhKeyless
        Kaziranga XZ Plus 6S₹ 21.40 LakhKeyless
        XZ Plus 6S Jet₹ 21.45 LakhKeyless
        XZ Plus 6 S Dark Edition₹ 21.50 LakhKeyless
        XZ Plus Gold₹ 22.16 LakhKeyless
        XZ Plus Gold 6 S₹ 22.26 LakhKeyless
        XZA Plus New₹ 22.35 LakhKeyless
        XZA Plus 6S New₹ 22.45 LakhKeyless
        XZA Plus Adventure New₹ 22.60 LakhKeyless
        Kaziranga XZA Plus₹ 22.60 LakhKeyless
        XZA Plus Jet₹ 22.65 LakhKeyless
        XZA Plus 6S Adventure New₹ 22.70 LakhKeyless
        XZA Plus Dark Edition₹ 22.70 LakhKeyless
        Kaziranga XZA Plus 6S₹ 22.70 LakhKeyless
        XZA Plus 6S Jet₹ 22.75 LakhKeyless
        XZA Plus 6 S Dark Edition₹ 22.80 LakhKeyless
        XZA Plus Gold₹ 23.46 LakhKeyless
        XZA Plus Gold 6 S₹ 23.56 LakhKeyless

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