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FAQs On Mileage

What is Mileage or Fuel Efficiency?

Mileage indicates the distance that a vehicle can travel with a specific amount of fuel. The car that can travel a good distance with just a small amount of fuel is stated as a vehicle with good mileage or high fuel efficiency, which also means that the owner of that car need not spend much money on expensive petrol or diesel. Especially in the last few years, car and bike mileage has become a focus of attention of drivers and manufacturers since petrol, diesel and other fuels have become quite expensive.

How should you measure the mileage of your car?

These days calculating the mileage of your car has become simple and easy with the help of your odometer.

Fill the fuel tank of your car till the rim and reset your odometer to the zero point. Now, do a drive that represents your normal activity, while ensuring it's significantly long enough. After, that fill your tank again till the brim, while noting the number of liters that you have tanked.

You can now calculate your car's mileage (or fuel economy) by dividing the number of kilometers that you have driven by the number of liters of fuel that filled the second time. The result is the "kilometer per litre" or mileage of your car .

What determines the fuel efficiency of your vehicle?

The analysis of a vehicle's mileage is a very important one. To understand why some vehicles need more fuel to drive one kilometer of distance (the car's fuel efficiency), is a technical analysis.

Some reasons for bad mileage is weight of the car, the age of the car, the maintenance of the vehicle, the traffic conditions, the fuel type and quality and the driving style. In general we can say that the calm and controlled driver can get better mileage.

So who cares about mileage?

Well, you do! If your car's mileage is bad, it means you will be spending a lot on fuel. Moreover, it means that you will be causing more pollution and depleting the world's fossil fuels.

Thus, the government and consumer agencies are very keen to ensure that consumers understand the car's mileage, as manufacturers are always keen to overstate it.

So in current law, the ARAI of India will inform you what your car's mileage is from independent tests.

What are average mileages?

For cars, mileages should be anywhere between 5KMPL to 25KMPL under normal circumstances.

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