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Detailed comparison of Prado and Pajero / Montero
Posted by Satdeep on July 29, 2010
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Having owned both the models for over 3 year simultaneously, Prado 2006 and Pajero 2006 (It is still called Pajero in Southern Africa, and not Montero), I would go for the Prado with eyes blindfolded. Reasons? Given undeneath:

1. Adaptive air suspension on Prado. It makes a world of difference between the prado and montero. After 10 hours of travelling, you emerge from the prado not tired, while the montero leaves you with aches and fatigue.

2. Interiors - Better on prado than montero. Quality of trim is also better. Upholstery is better. Also, feels more upmarket than montero which still feels like a 'dabba' SUV.

3. Noises and groans - None from Prado. Montero tends to develop noises and groans after about a year.

4. Handling - Though Pajero is renowned for winning dakar rally countless times, the prado handles must better on road and in the rough than Montero.

5. Reliability - Toyota anyday! Even a Merc here gives out given the kind of terrain and driving conditions. Montero has niggling problems in this area too, which irritate a lot after paying such a huge amount for a car.

Hope this information helps.
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Satdeep | Jul 29, 2010

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