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        The Tata Venture, a Minivan from Tata, was launched in India in Jan, 2011.

        Tata Venture price starts from ₹ 4.37 Lakh in India. Venture is available in 13 colours - Ivory White, Artic White, Champagne Gold, Lunar Silver, Ivory White, Artic White, Champagne Gold, Casltle Grey, Glossy Black, School Yellow, School Yellow, Meteor Silver, Blazing Red. Venture seating capacity is 7 - 8 People. Venture mileage is 15.42 km/l.

        Venture is available in 7 versions and 1 fuel options(s) - Diesel. Diesel models comes with 1405cc engine which generates peak power of 71 bhp @ 4500 rpm .

        Venture competes with Maruti Suzuki Eeco, Mahindra Marazzo and Mahindra Bolero in India.

        Tata Venture Model List

        Venture Model Price Key Specs
        CX ₹ 4.37 Lakh Diesel, 1405 cc, Manual
        LX 7 STR ₹ 4.92 Lakh Diesel, 1405 cc, Manual
        LX 8 STR ₹ 4.93 Lakh Diesel, 1405 cc, Manual
        EX 7 STR ₹ 5.25 Lakh Diesel, 1405 cc, Manual
        EX 8 STR ₹ 5.26 Lakh Diesel, 1405 cc, Manual
        GX 7 STR ₹ 5.77 Lakh Diesel, 1405 cc, Manual
        GX 8 STR ₹ 5.86 Lakh Diesel, 1405 cc, Manual

        Venture Price


        All Versions

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        Not Selected

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        ₹4.37 - 5.86 lakh

        Last Recorded Price

        Tata Venture has been discontinued in 2018. We are showing the last known price for Venture.

        Tata Venture Key Specifications

        Price icon


        ₹ 4.37 - 5.86 Lakh
        Fuel Type icon

        Fuel Type

        Mileage icon


        15.42 km/l
        Seating Capacity icon

        Seating Capacity

        7 - 8 People
        Warranty icon


        2 Years or 75000 km
        Engine Size icon

        Engine Size

        1405 cc
        Transmission icon


        Size icon


        3950 mm L X 1565 mm W X 1878 mm H
        Fuel Tank icon

        Fuel Tank

        33 litre
        Ground Clearance (mm) icon

        Ground Clearance (mm)

        160 mm

        Venture Expert Review


        Making utility vehicles is a forte of Tata Motors. Much before entering the passenger car space, they were already an established name in the Truck segment. 

        Heavy duty, all terrain drivability and great performance were some of the traits that Tata trucks have always possessed. This was also backed by a good service network. However, in an attempt of increasing their market presence, they forayed in the passenger car space.

        A trend started with rugged SUVs like the Sumo and the Sierra, till date, apart from the Indica and the Indigo series of cars, the utility segment of Tata vehicles occupies the main attention.

        One such proponent of Tata Motors is the Tata Venture. Launched in 2011, Venture is pitched as the safest and most cost effective van ever.
        The van segment in India has been ruled by Maruti's Omni, and the Eeco was also well accepted. To verify if Tata’s version of a small van really gives the van segment a new benchmark, we review the Tata Venture GX.

        Appearance Exterior

        If one thinks that Vans can’t be better looking than a bread box, the Venture may be a surprise for them.Tata Venture can be described as a cute looking van. It looks very much in line with Tata’s bus range. Scaling down proportions in all extent, the Venture looks very balanced.

        Large front windshield with the trademark radiator grille won’t mistake you for any other manufacturer’s vehicle. The front windshield also gets the Aria inspired butterfly wipers.Tata Super Ace also shares the same front face with the Venture. Headlights are placed comparatively lower and the dainty fog lamps also find themselves a good housing on the front bumper.

        A-Pillar is aerodynamic and helps in increasing the visibility of the driver. Side profile looks divided into two parts; first half is till the B-pillar and the second half is from the B-pillar till the end of the vehicle.The black glasses camouflage a majority portion of the car and give it a very nice profile to the usually very boring van looks. A wedge line runs throughout on the side profile.

        Body coloured ORVMs and door handles come on the top end variant, while the CX and EX get black colored ones.Tall and slender tail lamps occupy the rear end of the car. Rear profile remains clean with no unnecessary lines but just the name and a centrally placed logo. 

        To conclude, the Venture’s exterior looks really impressed me. I would rate the Tata Venture higher than the Japanese brothers Omni-Eeco

        Appearance Interior

        The driving position can be something one could take time to get accustomed to especially if one is not used to driving a van type of vehicle.

        Climb yourself to the driving cabin with the help of an internal door handle on the A-pillar. Once seated inside, it’s a mini bus.

        The 3-spoke collapsible steering wheel gives a good feeling about the control of the vehicle. Instrumental panel remains simple with a tachometer, Speedometer and a Fuel leve/engine temperature gauge.Front dashboard is not a chunky one with great spacings as vans don’t have an elaborate dashboard. The central zone starts with a digital watch followed by the AC vents. This is continued by a music system console and Air-Con controls.

        The music system console, if had been the integrated types would have looked better. Presently, it looks more of an aftermarket fitment. We got a good taste of the quality of the console, when its external frame kept on peeling out from the console till we finally decided to shove it somewhere. The same happened with the rear speaker covers too.

        Light leveling, Front power window switches and the rear zone AC controls also feature here. The power window switches are occupied in the middle because the doors are very slim.A short transmission stick and an oil chamber are next in line on the central console.

        Front row seating in the Tata Venture is very uncomfortable. There is headroom but legroom is something you won’t find at all. The driver would feel too cramped especially if he is 6’1. Check out the images of the pedals. The miniscule accelerator pedal makes you think about its design. The pedals are too closely placed to each other.However, if you are a passenger, you would not experience any discomfort. There is generous legroom and headroom for both the rear rows.

        One big issue for the rear half of the vehicle is getting inside the cabin. Even though, it’s a small van, the ride height is comparatively high. You have to climb up the rear cabin and unlike the internal handle on the A-pillar for the driver/co-driver, there is no support handle for the rear passengers to help get inside. This can be a big issue if you have someone elderly in the family.

        Second issue is the passenger door. The Venture has a left only door and is not a breeze to operate. Opening the door is more of a task for the middle row passenger. The door is also equipped with Child lock safety feature. The Tata Venture GX, we were reviewing, was a 6-months old vehicle but still it was plagued with a jammed passenger door. It was surprising for a new vehicle to illustrate such issues in such a short tenure.

        Venture GX has dual AC with different speed controls for the front half and the rear half of the cabin. The rear half gets roof mounted louvers.Storage options in the Tata Venture included 2 glove box arrangements on the front dashboard, which were not of any great utility and popped out on irregular terrain. The front doors have pockets, which would get crowded if you shove some documents in it.

        To conclude, Interiors of the Tata Venture earn appreciation only if you are a passenger and not a driver. 

        Performance Drive

        The Tata Venture comes with a 1.4L 475 IDI Turbo- Diesel Engine. The unit on the GX and EX variants produces a power of 71 PS at 4500 rpm and a torque of 135Nm at 2500 rpm while the unit on the CX variant produces 50 PS at 4500 rpm and a torque of 85 Nm at 4500 rpm. The unit also comes with a 5 speed GBS 65-5/4.19 gearbox. The present gearbox is a new gearbox compared to the one with which the Venture was launched and claims to have fixed all the issues of its earlier generation.

        Crank up the engine and you will be made to realize that it is not a cute but sturdy ride. The suspensions are soft and that’s the reason the venture cradles its way when started or stopped.

        The gearbox still lacks refinement, even though it has been changed to a newer version and shifting it to and fro is not a very smooth experience. Handling the vehicle needs some good judgment and is not for the first-timers considering the overall dimensions of the vehicle. The view while reversing the vehicle is blocked by the head restraints of the last row.

        A short turning radius of 4.5m is a good support while maneuvering the vehicle through city traffic conditions.  The vacuum assisted brakes halt the car very effectively.Rear passengers are the ones who have all the fun in the Venture. The generous legroom and headroom makes you super comfortable even in long journeys.

        On highways, it handles decently except for some body roll occasions on Ghats. We got the best fuel efficiency of 12 kmpl. The Venture reached a max speed of 120 km/h. After attaining max speed, the vehicle gets unstable so one is compelled to relax on accelerator.One issue that we experienced during driving the Venture is, the oil chamber gets heated excessively and due to its positioning under the arm rest area, the driver and co driver feel the heat too especially around the elbow region.

        The Venture won’t earn accolades for its drive as the engine lacks refinement. Its not just the engine also the drive quality is not too appealing due to the redundant rattling noises in the cabin. I started experiencing the same in my Tata Nano too exactly a month after I bought it. 

        Tech Specs

        Technical Specifications
         Make Tata
         Model Venture
        Variant GX
        Engine 475IDI Turbo Diesel
        Enine capacity 1405/4
        Power in BHP 71PS@4500 RPM
        Torque in NM 135NM@2500 RPM
        GearBox 5/M
        Dimesions in MM
        Length 3950
        Width 1565
        Height 1858
        Ground clearence 160
        Tyre rating 165 R14 LT PR
        Fuel Tank Capacity 33
        Average Mileage in KMPL 15.42
        Gross Weight (Kg) 1990
        Turning circle radius 4.5M
        Seating capacity 5,7,8


        Features CX EX GX
        Steering Manual Power Power
        HVAC No Yes Yes
        Music system with 4 speakers No No Yes
        Front Power window No No Yes
        Third row seats flat folding Yes Yes Yes
        Rear utility cover No No Yes
        Digital Clock Yes Yes Yes
        Roof Lamps Yes Yes Yes
        Door Open Roof light ON No No Yes
        Vanity mirror No No Yes
        Inner grab handle Yes Yes Yes
        Tachometer No No Yes
        Two Glove box Yes Yes Yes
        Collapsible steering Yes Yes Yes
        Reverse Guide System No No Yes
        Front crash reinforcement Yes Yes Yes
        SideImpact protection beam Yes Yes Yes
        High Mount Stop Lamp Yes Yes Yes
        Engine Immobiliser No No Yes
        Front Fog Lamp No No Yes
        Dual tone Grey and Lenin Interiors Yes Yes No
        Injection moulded passenger cabin trim No Yes Yes
        Body colour bumper No No Yes
        External Antena No Yes No
        Body coloured door handle,outer mirror No No Yes
        Price in Bangalore
        Ex showroom Price NA 484992 535195
        On road Price NA 581920 647035

        Competition All Specs

        Maruti Suzuki
        Maruti Suzuki
        Variant GX - - -
        Engine 475IDI Turbo Diesel - - -
        Enine capacity 1405/4 796/3 1196/4 1948
        Power in BHP 71PS@ 4500 RPM 35PS/ 5000 RPM 73/ 6000 RPM 91.3/ 4300
        Torque in NM 135NM@ 2500 RPM 60NM/ 3000 RPM 101/ 3000 RPM 190/ 2000
        GearBox 5/M 4/M 5/M 5/M
        Dimesions in MM
        Length 3950 3370 3675 4520
        Width 1565 1190 1475 1940
        Height 1858 1640 1800 2050
        Ground clearence 160 165 165 165
        Tyre rating 165 R14 LT PR 145 R12 LT PR 155 R13 LT 185 R 14, 8PR Radial Tubeless
        Fuel Tank Capacity 33 36 40 60
        Average Mileage in KMPL 15.42 19 18 -
        Gross Weight (Kg) 1990 - 1540 -
        Turning circle radius 4.5M 4.1M 4.5M 5.65M
        Seating capacity 5,7,8 5,8 5,7 13,14
        Steering Power Manual Manual Power
        HVAC Yes No No Yes
        Music system with 4 speakers Yes No No Yes
        Front Power window Yes No No Yes


        The verdict of our review on Tata Venture is very clear for me. I would definitely shy away from putting my hard earned money in this vehicle. There were a series of issues that we experienced starting from the jammed rear passenger door. It took some odd hours for the Tata showroom guys to fix this issue before delivering the car to us.

        Later on our journey, the door seemed to have its own mind and eventually jammed again locking all the passengers inside, which we managed to open using our own engineering.

        The sloppy plastic quality is terribly disappointing, be it the speaker cover mesh, the glove box cover or the Wire frame of the music console. All were popping out time and again.

        As if the above mentioned issues were not sufficient for us to make our minds, the electricals of the vehicle failed. It all started with a failing music system and ended with a failed Air-Conditioning. We drove a Tata Venture top of the line GX model without an Air-Conditioner for 200+ kms giving us a good taste of hot dusty afternoon. We tried getting in touch with the service guys who conveniently tagged it as a general issue at first and later failed to communicate anything on the issue leaving us helpless.

        So the answer to does the van segment get a new benchmark is very evident. Backed by a large dealer network, Tata Motors still lag behind in quality and refinement compared to their Japanese rivals. We hope the scene changes in the coming times as many players are entering the MUV space. 

        Tata Venture Variants

        Find a list of all 7 diesel versions of Tata Venture. This table includes on-road price which covers all costs like RTO and Insurance.

        filterFilter By Fuel type, Transmission and Seating Capacity
        • Diesel
        • Manual
        • 7 Seater
        • 8 Seater
        Venture Versions Ex-showroom Price Compare
        Diesel, 1405 cc, Manual tooltip
        Fuel Type: Diesel
        Engine: 1405 cc (Higher engine size helps to generate more power)
        Transmission: Manual (In a manual transmission car, the driver has to manually shift gears)
        ₹ 4.37 Lakh
        Key Features : Front Only Power Windows
        Diesel, 1405 cc, Manual, 15.42 kmpl tooltip
        Fuel Type: Diesel
        Engine: 1405 cc (Higher engine size helps to generate more power)
        Transmission: Manual (In a manual transmission car, the driver has to manually shift gears)
        Mileage: 15.42 kmpl (ARAI reported mileage)
        ₹ 4.92 Lakh
        Key Features : Turbocharged, Power Steering
        Diesel, 1405 cc, Manual, 15.42 kmpl tooltip
        Fuel Type: Diesel
        Engine: 1405 cc (Higher engine size helps to generate more power)
        Transmission: Manual (In a manual transmission car, the driver has to manually shift gears)
        Mileage: 15.42 kmpl (ARAI reported mileage)
        ₹ 4.93 Lakh
        Key Features : Turbocharged, Power Steering
        Diesel, 1405 cc, Manual, 15.42 kmpl tooltip
        Fuel Type: Diesel
        Engine: 1405 cc (Higher engine size helps to generate more power)
        Transmission: Manual (In a manual transmission car, the driver has to manually shift gears)
        Mileage: 15.42 kmpl (ARAI reported mileage)
        ₹ 5.25 Lakh
        Key Features : Turbocharged, Power Steering
        Diesel, 1405 cc, Manual, 15.42 kmpl tooltip
        Fuel Type: Diesel
        Engine: 1405 cc (Higher engine size helps to generate more power)
        Transmission: Manual (In a manual transmission car, the driver has to manually shift gears)
        Mileage: 15.42 kmpl (ARAI reported mileage)
        ₹ 5.26 Lakh
        Key Features : Turbocharged, Power Steering
        Diesel, 1405 cc, Manual, 15.42 kmpl tooltip
        Fuel Type: Diesel
        Engine: 1405 cc (Higher engine size helps to generate more power)
        Transmission: Manual (In a manual transmission car, the driver has to manually shift gears)
        Mileage: 15.42 kmpl (ARAI reported mileage)
        ₹ 5.77 Lakh
        Key Features : Turbocharged, Parking Sensors - Rear, Integrated Music System, Front Only Power Windows, Power Steering
        Diesel, 1405 cc, Manual, 15.42 kmpl tooltip
        Fuel Type: Diesel
        Engine: 1405 cc (Higher engine size helps to generate more power)
        Transmission: Manual (In a manual transmission car, the driver has to manually shift gears)
        Mileage: 15.42 kmpl (ARAI reported mileage)
        ₹ 5.86 Lakh
        Key Features : Turbocharged, Parking Sensors - Rear, Integrated Music System, Front Only Power Windows, Power Steering

        Tata Venture Discontinued Versions

        Note: ALL Tata Venture CX, LX 7 STR, LX 8 STR, EX 7 STR, EX 8 STR, GX 7 STR, GX 8 STR have been discontinued.

        Tata Venture Images

        • Tata Venture

        About Tata Venture


        Venture is a 4 door minivan or a MPV, which was first revealed at 2010 Auto expo in Pragati Maidan by Tata Motors. It eventually made its debut in the Indian market in 2011 and is now available in 3 different variants—LX, VX and GX, all running on a 1405 cc diesel engine with a few differences at its exterior and interior. In India, Venture comes as a 7 seater and an 8 seater and is mainly used for commercial purposes.

        Further to this, read Tata Venture Road Test details by our expert.


        Venture is a new generation minivan, which is a little different from the other vans present in the India market. With the utility features that most vans have, it also has a defining style and a nice aura about it and does not look clumsy on the road. The GX variant of Venture clearly stands out in its looks as it has many more defining features than the other two variants. Wheels have stylish caps, body coloured bumpers and ORVMs are the other exceptional features of GX model. The windows of Tata Venture GX model are made of tinted glass to protect the passengers inside from the scorching heat of the sun.


        The interiors of Venture have been designed by considering ample space for the 8 passengers travelling in it. Starting from the rear, Venture has more than sufficient space to carry the luggage of people travelling in this minivan. The third row of the minivan can be folded as per convenience. The 8 seater has two rows of three seats each facing the front. The 7 seater comes with 1 row of three seats and 2 rows of 2 seats. Decent legroom is available in every version for a person of normal stature. The inside of Venture is designed by dual tone fabrics of Grey and Linen for LX and VX models and barle beige & linen for the GX model. The dashboard of this minivan has air conditioning controls and a music player with AUX feature and 4 speakers. Rear AC vents are also available in the EX and GX model for people sitting at the back. The 3 spoke steering wheel and the good quality materials used in the seats increase the aesthetics of the van. Other interior features are power windows, 12 Volt DC port in front of LX and EX models and both in front and back for GX model.

        Engine and Transmission

        The car comes equipped with a 4-cylinder 1.4-Litre diesel engine with Turbo charger and intercooler technology, which has a displacement of 1405 cc. This engine is capable of generating a maximum power of 71 PS and a peak torque of 135 Nm. The duo technology used in the engine enhances its cooling performance, thus helping it give a better output. The transmission of Tata Venture works on a 5 speed + 1 Syncromeshed gearbox. It ensures a smooth gear shift while driving.

        Performance and Handling

        The engineers of Tata Motors have worked very hard on the diesel engine of Tata Venture to ensure a good fuel economy. The mentioned fuel economy of Venture is 15.42 kmpl which is best in its class considering the fact that this minivan is going to carry a lot of weight while travelling. The suspensions installed in Venture allow a smooth ride for the passengers inside on bumpy roads. Front tyres come with Independent strut type anti roll bar suspensions and the rear tyres have multi link suspensions with coil springs. Apart from the suspensions, the tyres have better traction quality to give better handling and effective driving on the hilly and slippery roads. Drive easy technology is also present in this minivan which provides better gear shifting and reduces clutch effort while driving.

        Braking System

        The brakes of this MPV are as normal as that of a small compact car. It has a vacuum assisted independent hydraulic braking system. The front wheels have disc brakes whereas the rear wheels have drum brakes.


        The 1405 cc Diesel - powered variant delivers a fuel economy of 14 kmpl in city and 16 kmpl on highways.

        Safety Features

        Considering the low price of this minivan, one cannot expect a lot of safety features in Venture. The engineers of Tata motors have still managed to develop decent safety features within the price limit. Side impact beams are present to reduce the impact of collision. Front crash reinforcements are also used as protection. Another add on to these safety features is the collapsible power steering which can absorb a lot of damage in an accident and can prove to be a life saver. The GX variant of Venture comes with some other features like engine immobilizer, front fog lamps and reverses guide system for better and easy parking. A key less entry feature is also included in the GX model of the Venture.


        Tata Venture turns out to be a stylish van which can also be used as a MPV and it gives decent performance on roads. It is perfect for commercial purposes and with its price range it’s a minivan which will attract a lot of people. So if you need a transport vehicle for your business and you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on it, then it is worth considering.


        In India, Venture has only 2 competitors who have been in the market for many years. First is Maruti Omni which is the most preferred minivan in India. The other one is Maruti Eeco which has made an unshakeable position in the market of minivans in the recent years. Due to the CNG versions of Omni and Eeco, Venture has still not made a respectable position in the India market.


        1. Good fuel Efficiency
        2. Low price
        3. Stylish body
        4. Good space


        1. Less safety features
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        User Reviews for Venture








          Ride Qlty

        • 09/11/2013 13:07:54 | SoNu KoChi

          Whats Good

          no good

          What Can Improve


          Tata Venture Distributed by the R.F Motors is having many complaints and defects. The car is having lot of problems within an year and they're refusing better service as they exhibits. Even after service the vehicle get enormous complaints like AC, gearbox slipping, downgrade mileage, air filter problem etc. also the external warranty offered by the company is also a useless thing according to the car bought victims. The manufacturing defects cannot be repaired by their service and after standard service scheme the car performs very poor and they're still refusing it all.

          Mileage Details

          • Mileage (City) 7 kmpl
          • Mileage (Highway) 8 kmpl
          • Maintenance 5500 per month

          User ratings

          • 4


          • 1


          • 1

            Ride Qlty

          Read MoreCollapse
        • 08/22/2013 18:42:48 | Rajesh Vira

          Whats Good

          Spacious, Comfort and Luxury is good. But engine????????????.

          What Can Improve

          Low mileage. Poor pickup even on gradual slopes. Engine heats up when both the AC's are on. Abnormal sounds from engine and rear wheels, poor quality nut bolts and hardware, all are already rusted. Position or direction of front AC vent, numbs the hand of driver. Very bad from security point of view.

          Rework and redesign. Call back all the venture cars.

          Mileage Details

          • Mileage (City) 8 kmpl
          • Mileage (Highway) 10 kmpl
          • Maintenance 500 per month

          User ratings

          • 2


          • 1


          • 2

            Ride Qlty

          Read MoreCollapse
        • 04/15/2013 12:24:19 | prasad

          1)clutch is very very hard.2)engine heat the driver cabin. 3)knocking and a wierd noise in the engine.4)rear sliding door was not opening at all. 5)The gearbox had a problem 6)The parts have not yet come 7)Pick up very very bad this is KINETIC LUNA

          User ratings

          • 5


          Read MoreCollapse
        • 01/19/2013 18:13:03 | FIROZ KURESHI


          User ratings

          • 1


          • 1


          • 1

            Ride Qlty

          Read MoreCollapse
        • 12/09/2012 18:08:02 | JAHAMGEER PM


          User ratings

          • 3


          • 5


          • 2

            Ride Qlty

          Read MoreCollapse
        • 11/25/2011 16:07:29 | Shyam Agarwal

          I am a proud owner a futuristic Tata Venture EX model. When I first test drove the Multi Purpose Vehicle, I was quite satisfied with the overall performance, mileage and advanced features the car has to offer. One of the most favourable aspect about the Utility Vehicle is the engine performance paired with a favourable mileage. Under the hood, Tata Venture EX is packed with 1405cc, IDI Turbo Diesel engine which has the capability of delivering maximum power output of 71 bhp at 4500 rpm and peak torque of about 135 Nm at the rate of 2500 rpm. The decent engine performance is complimented with a favourable fuel economy of 18 kmpl on city roads that can be stretched up to 20 kmpl, while driving on highways. Coming towards the interior, the cabin is thronged with features that provide comfort even with the car is accommodated to its full capacity. There are premium features like heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system with roof integrated louvres, flat folding 3rd row seats, roof lamps, digital clock and digital information system, driver and co-driver side sun-visor, quality music system with 4 speakers and a lot more. Overall, the Multi Purpose Vehicle is a perfect choice for those from large families who travel to different locations and can also be used as passenger transport vehicle.

          User ratings

          Read MoreCollapse
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        Venture FAQs

        The on-road price of the Tata Venture in Delhi starts at ₹ 4.37 Lakh for the diesel engine. Meanwhile, the top end model (Venture GX 8 STR) with diesel engine is priced at ₹ 5.86 Lakh.
        Tata Venture comes with a 1405 cc Diesel engine and the price starts at ₹ 4.37 Lakh in Delhi. Whereas Maruti Suzuki Eeco comes with a 1197 cc Petrol engine and starts with a price tag of ₹ 5.13 Lakh in Delhi. You can compare Tata Venture and Maruti Suzuki Eeco and chose the right car for you.
        Tata offers warranty for first 75000 km with all offered 7 versions. However, warranty expires after 2 years even if km is not achieved.
        Tata Venture top version is GX 8 STR. It is priced at 5.86 Lakh in Delhi.

        Quick Facts about Tata Venture

        Tata Venture, a Minivan, is available from ₹ 4.37 - 5.86 Lakh in India. Tata offers the latest Venture in 7 versions in India. The base model CX starts at ₹ 4.37 Lakh in Delhi and the top model GX 8 STR priced at ₹ 5.86 Lakh in Delhi. If you are looking for 8 seater car then you should consider Venture.

        Venture comes in 7 Diesel version (s).

        The Diesel version comes with 1405cc engine capacity and Manual transmission mode(s). It generates 71 bhp @ 4500 rpm.

        Tata Venture comes in 13 colors which include Ivory White, Artic White, Champagne Gold, Lunar Silver, Ivory White, Artic White, Champagne Gold, Casltle Grey, Glossy Black, School Yellow, School Yellow, Meteor Silver, Blazing Red.

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        Similar Cars To Tata Venture


        Compare Venture with Alternatives

        Tata Venture Maruti Suzuki Eeco Mahindra Marazzo Mahindra Bolero
        Price ₹ 4.37 Lakh ₹ 5.13 Lakh ₹ 13.39 Lakh ₹ 9.53 Lakh
        Fuel Type Diesel Petrol Diesel Diesel
        Engine Size 1405 cc 1197 cc 1497 cc 1493 cc
        Transmission Manual Manual Manual Manual
        Power 71 bhp @ 4500 rpm 80 bhp @ 6000 rpm 121 bhp @ 3500 rpm 75 bhp @ 3600 rpm
        Torque 135 Nm @ 2500 rpm 104.4 Nm @ 3000 rpm 300 Nm @ 1750 rpm 210 Nm @ 1600 rpm
        Safety Rating - Not Tested 4 Star (Global NCAP) Not Tested
        Boot Space - - 190 litres -
        Ground Clearance 160 mm 160 mm - 180 mm
        Size 3950 mm L X 1565 mm W X 1878 mm H 3675 mm L X 1475 mm W X 1825 mm H 4585 mm L X 1866 mm W X 1774 mm H 3995 mm L X 1745 mm W X 1880 mm H
        Compare Venture base vs top model Compare Venture vs Eeco Compare Venture vs Marazzo Compare Venture vs Bolero

        Tata Venture News

        Best budget Multi Utility Vehicles (MUVs) available in the Indian auto market
        Best budget Multi Utility Vehicles (MUVs) available in the Indian auto market
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        'Tata Venture Service Camp' announced for owners of Tata Venture
        'Tata Venture Service Camp' announced for owners of Tata Venture
        CarTrade Editorial Team
        by CarTrade Editorial Team
        05/24/2012 00:17:41

        A nation-wide service camp, named 'Tata Venture Service Camp', will soon be launched by Tata Motors for its customers. It will be organised across the company's network of 281

        Service Camps for Venture owners flagged off by Tata Motors
        Service Camps for Venture owners flagged off by Tata Motors
        CarTrade Editorial Team
        by CarTrade Editorial Team
        05/25/2012 00:00:16

        Indian automotive giant Tata Motors has commenced the 'Tata Venture Service Camp' for its customers. This initiative by the car maker, which will be held all across the country, began on

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