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Tata Tigor Detailed Expert Review - November 17, 2017

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Nov 17, 2017 : Expert Review By

Tata Tigor Expert Review, Tigor Road Test - 206954 | CarTrade

We have had the Tata Tigor in the CarTrade garage for three months and it has been a constant companion through all our shoot endeavors. The car went in for a round of servicing to repair a choked airbox for climate control unit. In that time, Tata also repaired a broken bonnet stand which had come lose during usage. The AC is back to functioning completely, though we feel that cooling is still not as good as when the car arrived into our garage three months ago.

Tata Tigor

The return of the car from the service centre coincided with a row of vacation days and I decided to take my annual holiday to my hometown. My trip from Navi Mumbai to the Malvan region and back took me over good roads, bad roads and some that even a commercial vehicle driver would think twice before venturing onto.

Here on these pockmarked patches the Tigor’s suspension came alive and was able to absorb everything thrown at without losing its composure. The trick I discovered is to keep going with a constant pace over a majority of imperfections and only slow down when there was pot hole or bump that would affect the bumpers.

The 1.05-litre diesel engine, while having a decent amount of mid-level grunt, is quite audible and you can really feel the gravelly tone when you are pushing the car into three digit speeds. Lack of refinement apart, the car has excelled fuel efficiency and gave me 20kmpl on the highway and 17kmpl in city conditions. What’s surprising, these numbers have stayed constant even with a fully loaded boot and five people/ four people with doggy in the car.
In terms of handling, the Tigor is softly sprung and this is evident in the way it handles. There is straight line stability at highway speeds but through the corners, it tends to roll with the steering, not weighing up accurately. It is best then to stay away from quick direction changes and let the car glide from point-to-point while doing the turns.

Our shoot schedule has been quite tight this month and this means the car has spent a lot of time shuttling on my daily commute route from the office to my home and back. This has given me an idea of how the car will perform in daily city driving conditions which I shall address in my next report.

Photos by Kaustubh Gandhi 

Tata Tigor

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