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Tata Altroz Car Loan EMI Calculator

Tata Altroz
Tata Altroz 7.07 - 14.44 Lakh
Versions XE Rhytm Petrol
City Mumbai

Adjust Altroz Car Loan Parameters

12,164 EMI for 5 Years
On-Road Price
Down Payment
Loan Tenure
Loan Interest Rate

Tata Altroz XE Rhytm Petrol Car Loan EMI

On-Road Price ₹7,06,804
Ex-Showroom Price ₹5,99,900
Max Loan Amount ₹5,99,900
Down Payment as per
your Selection
Loan Amount 5,99,900
EMI Amount 12,164
Interest Component 1,29,940 (17.8%)
Principal Component 5,99,900 (82.2%)
Total Payable over 5 Years 7,29,840
Note: This doesn't include bank processing fee.

Tata Altroz Loan Repayment Schedule

This table helps you understand, how much loan payment will be pending at the end of the each year of the loan. This way, you can arrive at the amount you will need if you decide to pre-pay your loan.

Months Principal Paid Interest Paid Balance Loan
12 ₹1,01,647 ₹44,319 ₹4,98,253
24 ₹1,10,084 ₹35,882 ₹3,88,169
36 ₹1,19,221 ₹26,745 ₹2,68,948
48 ₹1,29,116 ₹16,850 ₹1,39,832
60 ₹1,39,832 ₹6,133 ₹0

Tata Altroz EMI

Tata Altroz Car Loan EMI calculated for - Interest rate: 8%, Tenure - 5 years, Down-payment : ₹1.07 Lakh

On-Road Price in Mumbai Down Payment EMI
XE Petrol
2,43,976* 12,569
XE Plus Petrol
2,56,333* 13,279
XM Petrol Plus
2,77,515* 14,496
XE Diesel
3,02,562* 15,063
XT Petrol
2,95,167* 15,509
XE Plus Diesel
3,14,512* 15,712
XZ Petrol
3,15,820* 16,523
XT i-Turbo Petrol
3,19,350* 16,726
XZ (O) Petrol
3,20,056* 16,767
XM Plus Diesel
3,39,919* 16,929
XZ Plus Petrol
3,33,473* 17,537
XZ (O) i-Turbo Petrol
3,41,239* 17,983
XZ i-Turbo Petrol
3,41,239* 17,983
XZ Plus Petrol Dark Edition
3,44,064* 18,145
XT Diesel
3,58,593* 17,943
XZ Plus i-Turbo Petrol
3,54,655* 18,754
XZ Diesel
3,77,265* 18,956
XZ Plus i-Turbo Petrol Dark Edition
3,65,247* 19,362
XZ (O) Diesel
3,81,745* 19,200
XZ Plus Diesel
3,95,938* 19,970



Here is how - Tata Altroz price starts from ₹7,06,804 in Mumbai. If you pay a down payment of ₹1,06,904 for a 5-year loan available at an 8% interest rate, your EMI amount will be ₹12,164.

The cheapest Altroz model is XE Rhytm Petrol which is priced at ₹12,164 in Delhi.

You will need to pay at least a ₹60,310 to buy this model.

Note: Down payment is the amount you would pay upfront to buy your car. Bank give you a loan for the remaining amount.

Here is a model wise list of max loan amount for Altroz.

VersionOn-road price MumbaiMax Loan
XE Rhytm Petrol706804599900
XE Petrol863876619900
XM Petrol764330649900
XE Plus Petrol911233654900
XM Style Petrol788767664500
XM Rhytm Petrol794564669500
XM Rhytm Plus Style Petrol823947694500
XM Plus Petrol992415714900
XE Rhytm Diesel868258727500
XE Diesel1045462742900
XT Luxe Petrol890788752500
XM Diesel911510764900
XT Petrol1060067764900
XE Plus Diesel1089412774900
XM Style Diesel949788789500
XM Rhytm Diesel955687794500
XZ Urban Petrol946434800500
XT Petrol Dark Edition1115924810900
XZ Petrol1130720814900
XM Rhytm Plus Style Diesel985180819500
XMA Plus Petrol1144250824900
XT i-Turbo Petrol1144250824900
XZ (O) Petrol1146956826900
XM Plus Diesel1174819834900
XZ Plus Petrol1198373864900
XT Luxe Diesel1041806867500
XT i-Turbo Petrol Dark Edition1194250870900
XTA Petrol1211903874900
XT Diesel1243493884900
XZ (O) i-Turbo Petrol1228139886900
XZ i-Turbo Petrol1228139886900
XZ Plus Petrol Dark Edition1238964894900
XZ Urban Diesel1098432915500
XZ Diesel Dark Edition1282527918900
XTA Petrol Dark Edtion1274142920900
XZ Plus i-Turbo Petrol1279555924900
XZA Petrol1279555924900
XZ Diesel1312165934900
XZA (O) Petrol1295791936900
XZ (O) Diesel1328645946900
XZ Plus i-Turbo Petrol Dark Edition1320147954900
XZA Plus Petrol1347208974900
XZ Plus Diesel1380838984900
XZA Plus Petrol Dark Edtion1381155999990
XZ Plus Diesel Dark Edition14438511014900

Good Practice will be to chose the shortest possible tenure for which you can afford an EMI amount.

1. If you select a higher tenure loan, let's say 7 years, your EMI for Altroz will be ₹9,350 but you will have to pay interest of ₹1,85,500 over the period of 7 years.

2. If you select a lower tenure loan, let's say 3 years, amount will be higher at ₹31,803, but your interest payment will be only ₹1,30,008 over the period of 3 years period.


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