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Porsche Cayenne


Geared Up to Drive the Market Crazy…

The new SUV model is more agile, dynamic and has more power to boast about. It has better fuel economy and the active and passive safety features are much more improved. All the features put together make driving the new Porsche Cayenne a wonderful experience to your senses. It marks a most distinctive and powerful presence on road or any environment in the India.


The Energized Engine…

Every Porsche is known by its engine power. It is the heart where every heart beat speaks of presence, power and sound. It has a 3.6-litre V6 engine with all the power and acoustics that be-speaks of a typical Porsche engine. The Porsche Cayenne engine also has variable valve timing and upgraded V-type units that work on Direct Fuel Injection (DFI). The engine delivers a power of 213 KW or 290 BHP at 6200 rpm with maximum torque of 385 Nm at 3,000 rpm. It gives the vehicle to gear up to 62 mph or raise from 0-100 kmph in 9.1 seconds with manual gear box.


It has been designed specifically for unleaded petrol to deliver more efficiency and power density. It also empowers the new Porsche Cayenne to deliver better fuel economy clubbed with higher specific power and torque.


Designed for Perfect Balance…


The Porsche Cayenne has all the elements of perfect design for maximum comfort, safety and balance.


The chassis design speaks of Porsche engineering that gives nothing less than perfection where application of power or feedback from the road is concerned. The responsive chassis fully supports the powerful engine that drives the car. Therefore, the front axle has also been designed with sub frame-mounted double wishbone suspension with a broad-based geometry between the upper and lower arms. This reduces the force on the front wheels and the performance of the vehicle is improved on uneven terrains. The chassis has been balanced by rear axle which has ability to minimize dive and squat under acceleration and braking.


All safety aspects pertaining to the lighting system, braking system, airbags, anti-theft protection system etc have been taken care of. Moreover, the light weight steel body offers passive safety by balancing the rigidity of the steel body. Energy is absorbed by three tier deformation zone to reduce damage to the passenger cell.


The new models of Porsche Cayenne carries revised styles and designs for interiors as well as exteriors. The project beam headlights in front provide better illumination on the road. You can also opt for the Bi-Xenon package for front lights. The taillight modules are lit with LED light and brake lights. Single tube tailpipes are present below the light units that are integrated with the rear apron.


Both the exteriors and interiors speak of luxury combined in a unique elegant form. While exteriors give the complete aerodynamic form to the new SUV on road, the interiors are plush with leather upholstery and high quality materials. There are contrasting seams on the door panels and dashboard that give an exquisite aura of luxury packed in the all new Porsche Cayenne. The ergonomics of car seat have been taken care of in excellent manner to offer generous space and maximum comfort to the driver as well as passengers.


Each model is accompanied by high quality audio system with CDR-23 CD radio which offers powerful sound experience.


Wide choices of color let you match your car with your personality. The new Porsche Cayenne is available in both solid and metallic colors. Solid colors are Black and Sand White where are metallic colors have wider range of choices such as Basalt Metallic Black, Marine Blue, Dark olive, Carmon Red, Crystal Silver, Meteor Grey, Jarama Beige and Olive Green.


So all those people out there who are young entrepreneurs with families, have money and love to enjoy, the new Porsche Cayenne is rolled out to hit you with a bang!!!

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