Porsche Cayenne Mileage

City Mileage:
8-8 Kmpl
Highway Mileage:
10-10 Kmpl

Cayenne Mileage – ARAI

As per ARAI, the mileage of Porsche Cayenne Automatic Transmission Diesel Variant is 8 kmpl, for Petrol Variant is 8 kmpl.
However, our Porsche Cayenne Road Test on highway gave a mileage of 10 kmpl for Diesel and 10 kmpl for Petrol. Fuel capacity of this suv is 75 litres.

Experts / Users City Variant (City) (Highway)
CarTrade Expert Mumbai Cayenne Turbo(4x4) 4 5
CarTrade Expert Mumbai Cayenne V6(4X4) 4 5
CarTrade Expert Mumbai GTS Tiptronic 4 5
CarTrade Expert Mumbai S Tiptronic 4 5
Rakesh Roshan (user) Mumbai GTS 5 6
swathi (user) Kakinada S Diesel 15 18
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Porsche  Cayenne Mileage Comparison

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