Yamaha R25 based MT-25 expected soon in Indian market

Wednesday 29 October 2014, 11:47 AM by

With the recent unveiling of R3 sports bike by Yamaha, Indian market still waits for the official launch of R25 and R3 sports bikes. With the next rumour, auto aficionados will get another shock as Yamaha is planning a street model that also goes by the name, naked bikes, to be launched next year.

The stipulations were made when the beta version of this bike was seen on the streets of Thailand. Soon after the first rumour, someone informed of getting his hands on the official secret documents of this Japanese company where these rumours got a solid base to work on!

Yamaha R25 based MT-25 expected soon in Indian market | CarTrade.com
Yamaha R25

Yamaha MT25 would be the probable name of the new Yamaha naked bike. Being based on R25, the chassis of MT25 is said to be in many ways, similar to that of R25 with small alterations to make the bike gather a look of a street model. Another stipulation of the power transmitter in this bike is being made, the stipulation being the presence of a 249 cc, parallel twin 8-valve liquid cooled engine, just the same as that on the R25 variant.

The bike is being said to have a similar six-speed transmission gearbox, but it is also being said that there might be some changes that will be brought to the gear ratios and designs. Yamaha has always been delaying the launches and announcements in context to the Indian markets due to getting just a fair response to its naked bikes range of FZ series. But Yamaha is all set to land his feet on this holy land and launch these monstrous two-wheelers in India soon after their launch.

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