Yamaha R15 - Details revealed

Yamaha R15 - Details revealed
author image Roger Dsouza
Tuesday 22 July 2014, 12:39 PM

Yamaha, one of the most preferred brands by those people who love to ride fast. In a world full of traditional and decent paced bikes, the one model which has changed the thought process and views of bike lovers about superbikes is Yamaha R15. Since the model was first launched by Yamaha a few years back, the company made several changes to improvise it according to the expectations of consumers. Recently there were a lot of rumors about the latest version of Yamaha R 15. The Yamaha R15 V3 was said to be an advanced model in terms of color combination and engine power until a statement from the company's side was made public. On the basis of a few leaked images of Yamaha R15 V3, it can be said that Yamaha has made changes in the design of its R15 model.

According to market experts, you can expect the new model to be more powerful, beautiful and slimmer. R15 V3 will be equipped with the same water-cooled engine. People were left awestruck when R15 V3 was first shown in the Auto Expo event a few months back. The modified design, improved engine and the promising looks of R15 V3 earned a lot of praising from everyone who saw it.

Yamaha R15 - Details revealed

Now as the company has announced the launch of R15 V3 in Indian bike market, all the bike lovers are very excited. On the basis of leaked images of this bike, one can clearly see the changes that company has made in terms of fuel injection system and engine. According to market experts, the best thing about the latest model of R15 is that the company has decided to keep the price unchanged. So you can expect its price to be around Rs. 1.12 lakhs Ex-Showroom, equal to the current model of Yamaha R15.

The exterior of Yamaha R15 V3 is quite attractive with two-tone gold and black paint scheme. The bike will also be available in light shade Grey Hue color for all those who like light color scheme. Other than color scheme, the company has decided to upgrade fuel injection system and ECU. The power output of Yamaha R15 V3 is 18PS, way better than the current model of R15 series. The company has tried its best to make its torque more powerful, but the gross peak output of the bike remains unchanged at 15Nm. With these upgrades in engine, you can easily ride this bike as good on broken roads in urban areas as in the rural areas.

The only negative side of Yamaha R15 V3 is that it has to compete with the bikes like Duke and Bajaj Pulsar200CC which can provide you similar features in a lesser price range. Therefore, the decision of Yamaha to upgrade R15 at such a crucial time is under questions. The rumor market is very hot at this time, and the clear picture of users' response will be cleared only once the bike is available for sales.

If you are planning to buy a superbike and considering R15 V3 as the last choice, then wait... think once again.

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