Yamaha India reports a sales increase of 67.4 per cent for August 2013

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Tuesday 03 September 2013, 10:10 AM

Amid news related to torrid times for the Indian auto sector, Yamaha Motor India recorded an increase of 67.4 per cent in its sales for the month August 2013. As of now, the market conditions for the auto sector are not conducive, which can be attributed to a number of factors. The value of rupee has depreciated heavily against the strong US dollar and is impacting the imports for auto maker. Despite a number of measures taken by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the fall of the Indian currency continues to trouble and auto sector seems to be severely hit by the financial crisis.

The price of the fuels, especially petrol, have been increased fairly regularly, proving to be huge deterrent for domestic buyers. As a result, customers seem to be quite reluctant to go for the new purchase considering the soaring fuel prices. It must be noted that the inflation has taken a toll on the fortunes of auto makers in India. Industry experts are of a view that along with dwindling passenger car sales, the demand for two-wheelers is also falling.

As per the latest available statistics, Yamaha Motor India has announced a 67.4 per cent increment in total sales for August 2013. According to reports released by the firm, a total of 60,996 units were sold during the month. This is quite high as compared to the performance of the company in same month last year. Notably, the two-wheeler maker had reported sales of 36,432 units in August 2012.

The numbers that have been quoted above can be further broken down to see the performance of the brand in the domestic and international markets separately. As far as the performance of two-wheeler manufacturer in the domestic market is concerned, a total of 42990 units were sold in August 2013, while the number sold in the same month of the previous year stood at 27297. This comes out as 57.5 per cent growth rate in domestic sales. Also, speaking of the export to international markets, the auto maker clocked 18006 units in August 2013 as compared to 9135 units in the corresponding period in 2012.

Interestingly, this increment of 97 per cent in export sales is quite handful and indicates the growing brand value of the company in the international auto market. Considering the current situation of Indian auto market, which has suffered severed sales for the past nine months, analyst believe that Yamaha should focus on its exports for maintaining a decent profit margin.

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