World's first flying car up for sale at $ 938,340

World's first flying car up for sale at $ 938,340
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Friday 21 June 2013, 12:27 PM

The world's first flying car that was made in 1949 is up for grabs at $ 938,340. The one-of-a-kind Aerocar with foldable wings was developed by American automobile designer and inventor Moulton Taylor.

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The street-worthy car has a removable flight system that can be towed easily when not needed. The incredible piece of engineering was designed to both fly in the sky and run on normal roads. The 21 feet long Aerocar is a two-place aircraft that cruises at 177 kmph. The aircraft-car has side-by-side seating, 20 feet long wingspan, four wheels and a single Lycoming 0-320 motor mounted over the rear wheels.

Speaking his mind on the unique Aerocar, Greg Herrick, an avid aviation enthusiast with Historic Sales, was quoted as saying, “This was the peak of 20th century design at the time and was close to taking the world's imagination by storm. There really was nothing like it around at the time and the design attracted so much attention - it was such an incredibly advanced piece of kit.”

As per reports, just four models were ever built apart from the original prototype, which has made the 1949 made Aerocar a rare collectors' item. Herrick further added, “It was on the front of newspapers, magazines, books and on TV shows across the globe - it's popularity was unprecedented. But the oil crash in the 1970s and a lack of businesses willing to invest eventually led to all interest fizzling away - to this day there is still nothing like it.”

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