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        Why Maruti Succeeded Even in the Worst Economic Crisis?



        Maruti Suzuki managed to report good sales figures even amidst the worst economic crisis. Sales figures from Maruti Suzuki clearly show that the company has an ace up its sleeves which makes it India’s largest car manufacturer and why every second car sold in India has a Maruti logo.

        Maruti launched a scheme two years back called “Har Ghar Mein Maruti” or a Maruti in Every Home. This scheme aimed at rural India and targeted customers like well to do farmers, teachers, rural bank members, health care members, public service personnel in rural India. It campaigned through the Gram Panchayats and the local high authorities initially and then penetrated deeper by appointing 3,000 locals as Resident Dealer Sales Executive who promotes sales of Maruti cars in the region.

        The scheme paid off in past few months when the sales figures dwindled to all time low in the urban markets especially in metros and ‘A’ grade cities. The total sales from the rural market contributed about 12 percent of the total sales figures of the company.

        Apart from this Maruti exports figures also saw a boost due to its strong small car portfolio. Its latest model A-Star launched in November 2008 was exported to European countries which clearly showed signs that the customers are now more interested in fuel efficient and eco-friendly cars rather than gas-guzzlers.

        Maruti Suzuki