Volvo S60 Pictures, Photos of the Volvo S60

Wednesday 09 March 2011, 00:00 AM by Vikas Yogi

The Volvo S60 will be launching tomorrow. This new sedan from Volvo will be the Swedish company's lowest price model. Nevertheless, the new Volvo S60 will carry a host of new safety features. Indeed, the S60 can safely compete with luxury sedans across the board.

The Volvo S60 had been launced before in other countries. Today, let's take a look at pictures of the Volvo S60 as launched in other countries. Hopefully these photos of the Volvo S60 will give us a good idea what's coming up for us!

Volvo S60 Pictures, Photos of the Volvo S60 |

 S60 Exterior 18
S60 Exterior 19S60 Exterior 22
S60 Exterior 17S60 Exterior 09
S60 Exterior 10S60 Exterior 13
S60 Exterior 15S60 Exterior 14
S60 Exterior 12S60 Exterior 08
S60 Exterior 07S60 Exterior 01
S60 Exterior 06S60 Exterior 02
S60 Exterior 05S60 Exterior 03

S60 Interior 12
S60 Interior 14
S60 Interior 15S60 Interior 13
S60 Interior 11S60 Interior 10
S60 Interior 07S60 Interior 09
S60 Interior 06S60 Interior 08
S60 Interior 05S60 Interior 02
S60 Interior 04S60 Exterior 32
S60 Interior 03S60 Exterior 30
S60 Exterior 33S60 Exterior 31
S60 Interior 01S60 Exterior 28
S60 Exterior 27S60 Exterior 26

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