Vettel outshines at the Indian F1, finishing at 1st spot

Monday 31 October 2011, 14:48 PM by

Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel came out with flying colours, yet again, as the unprecedented driving skills of the racer won him the first spot at the inaugural Formula One Indian Grand Prix on Sunday. Following the victory, Vettel also equals the record for the number of wins in a season.

Vettel had an upper hand right from the start and he continued to lead the race till the end, setting up a comfortable platform for himself and concluded by being 8.4 seconds ahead of McLaren's Jenson Button. Ferrari's Fernando Alonso managed to finish with the 3rd position at the Buddh International Circuit.

"All in all it was a smooth race, the car was very well balanced. I'm very proud to be the first winner here in India," Vettel said.

The highly popular race witnessed yet another mishap between McLaren's Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari's Felipe Massa that further charged up and intensified their rivalry. Massa, who was awarded a pit drive-through penalty earlier in the race, experienced a broken front suspension and subsequently discontinuing the race.

Red Bull's Mark Webber dominated the fourth position, closely followed by the Mercedes duo, Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg.

As a matter of fact, Vettel has under its belt, 11 victories this season, and the winning the final two races in Brazil and Abu Dhabi takes the success count to 13, which equals Schumacher's record.

Vettel put up an ecstatic show for the enthusiasts by giving an effortless performance, leading every lap and registering the fastest lap.

"There is no sign of getting lazy and not paying attention to detail, and it's great to see that. All the people come with their questions and we give them the right answers," an overwhelmed Vettel said.

Vettel's start was marked by the standard agility he is known for, allowing him to take a lead of four seconds and more, soon after the 5th lap was completed. Button, however, managed to enter Vettel's territory by reducing the gap to 2.7 seconds, after the second set of pitstops, when both got equipped with harder tires. The race gave a rush of adrenaline as the challenge intensified, but Button could not go further after up.

"As soon as Seb got into a rhythm, I had to forget about it really. As a team we did a perfect job ... we couldn't have done anything else," Button was quoted as saying.

Alonso outpaced Webber by adopting an effective strategy of waiting a little longer for his final pitstop, switching over to hard tires. The Australian, however, got real close to Alonso during the final lap, but the Spaniard did claim a position among the first three.

"It was a little bit surprising he decided to stop. We did two extra laps and were able to overtake him," Alonso said.

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