Vespa Roadside Program Initiated by Piaggio in 51 Cities

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Vespa is looking forward to make its presence felt in India with a renewed vigour. Recently, it had launched Special Edition Elegante in the country. This was another of its not-so-common scooters that might appeal only to a selected few. The primary aim of Vespa is to launch differently styled products mainly towards the premium segment. Apart from this factor, the company is also trying to improve its customer services and after sales support. This has been a major concern for Piaggio on the whole and fans have shown there concern on the aspect that dedicated customer service centres were not easily locatable for Vespa. The company has now brought up a solution for the issue with a new program.

Piaggio has recently launched a roadside assistance program under the name of Vespa Care. Additionally, it has also claimed that the company is the first of its kind in India to launch such a program for free. Customers can access these services in almost 51 cities across the country. Services will be offered round the clock for 365 days of the year, irrespective of season, weather or any other circumstances.

Ravi Chopra, chairman and managing director of Piaggio said in a statement, "Vespa is a premium iconic international brand. We know that after- sales care is as important as the actual purchase particularly for a premium brand like Vespa - we have developed a holistic solution for the same. Vespa Care is another step towards achieving maximum customer satisfaction. Vespa Care signifies the premium 2w owning experience we firmly believe in.”

Vespa Roadside Program Initiated by Piaggio in 51 Cities |
Piaggio - Vespa

Several aspects will be covered under this servicing program. The fact that this service will be offered free of charge and round the clock are the major highlights of the program. Customers can take their vehicles without fear of breaking down or any such issues at even odd hours. Professionals have been trained to be present at these centres so that proper care can be taken of the bikes.

Riders face many problems while on the go with their vehicles like loss of keys, drying up off fuel and flat tyres. The service centres will deal with these problems by replacing of keys, emergency fuel requirement, on-site flat tyre help as well as in cases of medical emergency situations.

It is expected that the Italian manufacturer will be lauded for taking this initiative to improve customer service and after sales-support, which was lacking in India. Indian roads are a bit unpredictable and the traffic makes the condition worse for riders. This initiative will boost the confidence of riders and improve the brand image, as well. The services will be improved with time as Piaggio will get more visibility in the nation.

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