Undeterred by slowdown, Luxury car sales celebrate this Dussehra

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Rising above all odds, the luxury car sales seem to have taken control over the insurmountable looking slowdown in the car industry. Come this Navratri and the luxury segment car sales is believed to magnify by 40 per cent, as against the same time last year. Customers are rushing to the showrooms to ensure that their cars are delivered on or before the very special day of Dussehra. As a result of the thronging, some dealers are trying to convince consumers to take the delivery on the very first day of Navratri instead.

It is important to note that Gujarat experiences a sudden fall in car sales during 'Shraddh' period every year. However, Navratri is likely to change the trend and shoot up the car sales in Gujarat. Seeing the hike in interest rates and crawling growth in the market, dealers had no option but to accept slackness in sales this year. However, the coming 15 to 20 days are expected to mark a change and dealers are ought to witness increased bookings.

Undeterred by slowdown, Luxury car sales celebrate this Dussehra  | CarTrade.com
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Anil Chhatwal, COO Audi Ahmedabad confirmed, that the coming days would surely boost the luxury car sales. "Last year we sold eight cars on Dussehra. This time, already 12 customers have registered for delivery on the auspicious day. We can deliver 20 cars a day. More customers are on booking stage. Most of them want to drive out their new cars on Dussehra," he said. Its close rival BMW is expected to deliver at least 25 cars, as against 20 cars last year.

Chief Executive Officer of Skoda Ahmedabad N M Sharma said, the company bore the brunt of shortage of supply and as a result, hardly 35 cars were delivered on Dussehra last year. However, he added that "This time, adequate stock is available. Sixty cars have been already booked for the day. Looking at the mad rush, we have persuaded customers to take delivery on the first day of Navratri. As a result of it around 50 customers gave consent to take away their new car on the first day of Navratri."

The dealers of the two giant car makers, Toyota and Volkswagen, are expecting that their sales would cross the figure of 100 cars each this Dussehra. The present claim by the car companies indicate that there will be around 40 per cent increase in sales than previous year.

"Due to limited stock we could deliver only 115 cars on last Dussehra. This time we made it a point to have enough inventory of all the models. Already 140 cars are booked for the day and nearly 100 for the first day of Navratri," said a Ford dealer.

Honda dealer Urvish Shah said that “as against 60 cars last year, 70 bookings have already been made for delivery on Dussehra.” Hyundai dealer Surendra Sharma communicated that “provided supply comes on time, we would deliver 150 cars on Dussehra.”

Moreover, the sales of luxury cars which are at least 30 per cent to 40 per cent more expensive in India, due to high import taxes, is surprisingly witnessing more sales than cars which represent affordable segments.

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