Toyota Prius announces global recall of Prius Hybrid car

Saturday 15 February 2014, 11:54 AM by

Toyota, world's renowned car­maker has announced a global recall for its best selling hybrid sedan named 'Prius'. The recall comes a surprise from the hybrid version that has been tagged as the world's most loved hybrid car. The car has been reported to loose power during transit, which may even result in car coming to a complete stop. As per sources, the problem may be software related which affects the power converter, causing it to suddenly slow down.

Toyota Prius announces global recall of Prius Hybrid car |
Toyota Prius announces global recall of Prius Hybrid car

Spokesperson from the company, said, “The car may stop while driving, but not suddenly. It would slow down, eventually to stop.” A blog post in UK made by Toyota stated that the recall is for 30,790 third generation vehicles that have been manufactured sometime between March 2009 to February 2014. The post reads, “All the vehicles affected by this issue are being recalled so that the control software can be updated. Vehicle owners will be contacted by Toyota within the coming weeks by post or telephone and asked to make an appointment to bring their car to their nearest Toyota center, in accordance with Vehicle and Operator Services Agency guidelines.”

The car went on sale for the first time in Japan in 1997 via four Toyota Japan dealers. The event marked it as the first mass­produced hybrid vehicle at a global parallel hybrid car platform. The Toyota Prius was thrown open to the global market in the year 2000. It is also worth noting that this third generation car had also been recalled last year to fix problems with the braking system.

To give a brief overview on the functionality of Toyota Prius, the car's engine has been tuned to cut­out the engine activity when you halt at a traffic stop. The battery re­powers the engine when the car moves at a steady speed, moreover the batteries recharge itself each time the brakes are applied. Though regular fuel is burned during hard acceleration, the electric motor supports the running engine simultaneously to deliver good fuel efficiency figures. The car comes with 3 Drive mode switches, namely Power Mode, EV Mode and Eco mode, that enhance the overall driving experience. Moreover, special attention has also been given to reduce the overall body weight of this car to generate better efficiency figures.

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