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      Toyota patents cloaking device for clear visibility through pillars

      Nikhil Puthran

      Nikhil Puthran

      In efforts to make driving safer and enhance the overall experience, Toyota has patented the ‘cloaking device’ at the U.S. patent office. The device uses strategically placed mirrors which bend visible lights around an object thereby allowing the driver to see through it. Since it's usually the thick A-pillar which blocks the vision, the device will be fitted around it to offer a transparent view of what’s around the pillar.

      Toyota patents cloaking device for cars

      The cloaking device is a cheaper option as compared to the use of more cameras and screens around the vehicle. The patent reads as, “Light from an object on an object-side of the cloaking device is directed around an article within the cloaking region and forms an image on an image-side of the cloaking device such the article appears transparent to an observer.”

      The first car was launched way back in 1886 and since then the car pillars have only become wider and thicker to offer more protection in event of a crash. Although safer than best, it led to lesser visibility for drivers. Going forward, it will be interesting to see if Toyota will be introducing this technology in its future cars, especially when it is more affordable in comparison to the multiple cameras and combination of display screens around the pillars.