Toyota outpaces GM as worlds largest selling auto maker

Thursday 17 January 2013, 11:37 AM by

The Japan-based world renowned car maker, Toyota Motor Corporation has emerged as the world’s top selling auto maker in the global auto market by outpacing the American auto maker, General Motors. Reportedly, Toyota Motor delivered 9.7 million units and trucks in the global market during 2012, whereas GM managed to record the sales of 9.29 million units.

Although GM was unable to retain the first position as the top selling auto maker in the world, it marked an increase of 2.9 per cent over the year-ago period. The figures were announced at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. On the other hand, Toyota Motor marked an increase of 22 per cent.

Interestingly, both the auto companies witnessed decent numbers in its sales figures, however Toyota’s growth was miles ahead, owing to the launch of several reworked versions of its popular models. The senior officials of GM earlier confirmed that it will register record sales in US, which it somehow managed to achieve.

Interestingly, GM was titled as the top selling auto maker for over seven decades before losing its position to Toyota in the year 2008. However, it regained its top notch in 2011 when the production plants of Toyota were affected by the Tsunami and earthquake in Japan. Following the launch of a new compact model of Corolla, Toyota is anticipating to maintain the lead over GM in 2013 as well. On this, the Senior Vice President of forecasting for LMC Automotive, Jeff Schuster quoted, “I think that's going to be enough to keep them in their position.”

According to sources, Toyota manufactures around 70 per cent of its models in North America, which it rolls out in US. It must be noted that GM is also facing a stiff competition from Volkswagen throughout the world. VW delivered around 9.1 million vehicles globally in 2012, owing to its best selling models like Passat midsize sedan and Jetta compact. Schuster believes that GM will hold off Volkswagen in the ongoing 2013 calendar year.

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