Toyota Has India-China Cushioning for its Free Fall

Friday 19 February 2010, 00:00 AM by Payal Pathak

Toyota faces a slew of backlashes from drivers in the US and Europe. The company has faced more than $2 billion losses due to recalls which doubles up after the recession aftermath. Although the turn of events in the US have been swift and merciless, nevertheless, operations of the company in China and India remain a little untouched.

Both the countries are world’s fastest growing markets and auto safety remains a lesser concern for drivers in these countries which still fight for basic problems like clean water and healthy food. According to Chinese customers, they would opt for Japanese cars any day over the Chinese cars. Similarly, Indian customers are recently becoming more aware of latest brands and features as the market is growing with new brands and latest models coming to the market.

Indian Toyota sales have remained largely unaffected by the global problems being faced by the company. One of the major reasons is also that Toyota has less than 3 percent market share in the country and it still lacks its presence in the biggest car segment which is the small cars. Toyota will launch its small car Etios early next year which may start churning out volume sales for the company.

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