Toyota grabs the peak position in sales chart

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For the third time in a row, Toyota snaps to take the leading stand in the sales chart in 2014 too. Selling the maximum number of cars in the year, Toyota did give a tough competition to Volkswagen and General Motors. The Japanese company that sold 10.23 million cars had a great kick start this year with the record followed by Volkswagen with 10.14 million and General Motors with 9.92 million though it was just 2 per cent higher than 2013. Sales tax increase did create inflation during the early half of the year in the Japanese market, and currently the population decline is taking toll on the sales. This has affected the automobile industry, on the whole. Toyota has expressed an expectation of overseas sales to grow up to 2 per cent this year accounting to more than 8 million vehicles from 7.9 million vehicles in the previous year.

Toyota saw an increase in sales in almost every country with China, U.S and Brazil facing a peak at 13 per cent, 6 per cent and 10 per cent, respectively. Camry sedan, Prius hybrid and Lexus luxury models supported this rise consistently. The Tsunami that hit the Japanese Northeastern coast in the year of 2011 took a considerable toll in the sales chart of Toyota though it just took a year for Toyota to pick back.

The principles of Toyota have been behind comprehensive efforts towards innovation to create comfortable lives. With the wisdom of great men, Toyota has never seen to lag in this regard of keeping the principles and vision always up. Today, Toyota is looking forward to develop in the areas of Sports and luxury cars in order to expand its sales in and out of the country. They have kept their products sensibly priced and highly reliable.

Toyota grabs the peak position in sales chart |
Toyota grabs the peak position in sales chart

This rise in Toyota has given a cut throat competition and then raised to the top position fighting General Motors who captured the position for about a decade till then. But Volkswagen raced to push General Motors further to the third place by beating them in the year 2013. General Motors do not manufacture trucks that became a huge lag for the company in giving up the second place to Volkswagen.

Last year even, without taking in and considering heavy truck sales, Volkswagen did out rule General Motors by selling 1,99,900 vehicles in a year. Toyota’s truck division sold about 1,62,800 trucks in the previous year. Toyota faced massive lawsuits and fines by the U.S government in the year 2009. Yet, development and the urge to reach and keep up the position has been strong and consistent with the company for years now.

Toyota keeps its vision consistent and is now aiming at producing more reliable and reasonably priced cars and also produce sports and luxury cars in order to divert the boring image they have captured for now. With electric hybrid cars, Toyota has been a green producer and is a leader in green technology. Currently, the aim is to find a more futuristic technology that will make use of fuel cells. While the world moves ahead, Toyota moves much ahead.

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