Toyota gives a sneak peak of its new model Fun-Vii

Thursday 01 December 2011, 10:45 AM by

Taking a big stride towards new technology, the Japanese automobile multinational, Toyota showcased its futuristic concept car that resembled a giant smart phone, on 28th November, offering a preview of its plans for the Tokyo Motor Show.

The auto giant has other launches planned for the event; however, company President, Akio Toyoda decided to keep the focus on the experimental car concept, Fun-Vii, also called “a smartphone on four wheels'.

According to company executives, the styling of the car has been heavily inspired by modern day smart phones. The revolutionary concept car offers personalisation and other custom elements.

Moreover, the exterior of Fun-Vii can be adjusted to change the body colour, the display motion video and a user interface as well. When the car's is on the off mode, the exterior is jet black. Towards the interior, Fun-Vii can also be configured and modified, with adjustable colours and tints for different parts of the car.

The three-seater Fun-Vii, previewed at the international auto event, may not reach the production stage and remain as a concept vehicle which the company has positioned for the 'not-too-distant future' category.

Car enthusiasts can expect a lot from Toyota at the Tokyo Auto Show. The automotive event has lost its popularity in recent years as American and European car makers have turned to China and other countries where it gets access to greater growth prospects. Moreover, Japanese car market hit an all time low with low domestic sales and the production halts, owing to earthquake and tsunami that occurred in March this year.

Thus, against all odds, the leading Japanese car brand, Toyota Motors continues to dream big and promises the best-in-class experience every time

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