Toyota Fortuner Undergoes Brake Upgrade

Friday 23 April 2010, 00:00 AM by Payal Pathak

Toyota Motor had launched its premium SUV Fortuner in India last year. The car was instantly a success amongst Indian SUV buyers. However, according to auto critics, its brakes were somewhat doubtful and claimed that they were underpowered in respect to the vehicle's capability.

Now Toyota is revamping the model and installing new and larger brakes in the model. Based on the feedback from the customers that the brakes felt not-so-good, Toyota has improved the brakes of Fortuner and now it get bigger disks and better callipers. The new brakes, being larger and more effective than the previous ones, perform with more ease.

Toyota Fortuner Undergoes Brake Upgrade |

All cars delivered from February onwards will have larger brakes similar to the ones present in Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. For all models delivered before February 2010, Toyota may upgrade the brakes on case to case basis, says Autocar.

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