Toyota Etios Liva takes on Nissan Micra

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Toyota and Nissan have made it big in the Indian Auto market and now have come face to face to carry on the legacy of rivalry in the industry. The new models being launched by both the aces have the ability to create an impressive and massive impact on the buyers. Of late, both the carmakers have come up with vehicles that will surely be staying fit for a long time. Toyota Etios Liva and Nissan Micra confirm competition due to the design; outcome features and facilities both the companies have roped in.

Going into a detailed comparison of both the models, the choice of purchasing one of them can be made comprehensive and simplified. Sifting among the different versions of both Etios Liva and Micra, one can consider Etios G Hatchback Petrol and Micra XE Petrol to be the apt ones to compare. Toyota Etios Liva G has more defined and powerful undergarments with an engine producing 80bhp of power with 4-cylinder type engine. On the other hand, Micra generates 76bhp of power comprising a 3-cylinder type engine. Engine displacement is quite the same at around 1198cc. The mileage offered by both the Hatchbacks fall around 18.26 kmpl.

Toyota Etios Liva takes on Nissan Micra |
Toyota Etios Liva takes on Nissan Micra

In terms of strength Micra exceeds that of Etios by 400rpm. The torque description is also in favour of Micra that possesses a torque of 10.6kgm at 4000rpm against the 10.6kgm at 3100rpm of Etios Liva. Thus, in terms of the engine capacity both the contenders compensate for one or the other weaknesses they have, resulting in the same performance by the engine.

Other differences that crop up between the two models are in terms of fuel supply system. Etios Liva consists of an EFI i.e. Electronic Fuel Injector which is much more advanced and favourable than the MPFI i.e. Multi Point Fuel Injector which has no control over individual injectors. The turning radius of the wheel base in Toyota Etios Liva G Hatchback is 4.8m while that of Nissan Micra XE is 4.65m. The fuel tank capacity of Etios is 45 litres against the 41 litres of Micra. The heights of both the cars also vary with the Nissan Micra standing at 1530mm against a height of 1510mm of that of Toyota Etios Liva.

If the comfort factor is taking into being, Etios outperforms with the facilities of remote trunk opener and remote lid opener being provided. Also, to make it more featurable, height of the front seat belts can also be adjusted accordingly, in Toyota Etios Liva. Micra also lacks in offering tinted glasses to its users and even power windows in the front are a part of the features provided by Etios Liva. In the shift of tides, Nissan Micra outnumbers and dominates Toyotas Etios Liva in terms of safety facilities by offering driver bag option and rear window defogger to avert untoward situations.

In the coming days, both the carmakers with their key players will put in their best effort to perform to the best of their abilities and achieve maximum exposure in whatever they put their hand in.

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