This Maruti 800 Can Fly?

Friday 11 February 2011, 00:00 AM by Vikas Yogi

A white color Maruti 800 parked at the ongoing Aero India 2011 is grabbing all the attention, where a number of businesses and fighter jets, medium multi-role combat aircraft contenders and the LCA are on display. Carrying the registration number KA-09-N-2920, it is not an ordinary car as besides running on the road like an ordinary car it can also fly. It is the first ever static display of a flying car which could well be India’s answer to o the US’s Transition Roadable Aircraft (TRA).

The car has been developed by Mr. AK Vishwanath, CEO of a Bangalore-based company and the former employee of Cadence Design Systems in USA. It took of 15 years of dedication and hard work of Mr. Vishwanath to develop a car that could well be known as first ever flying car. According to Mr. Vishwanath, Four technicians were working on his dream project that has a vertical lift and runs on petrol with very minimum modifications on its body.

The car has already been tested in the wind tunnel where it is claimed to have performed well and the first flight of the car could come within next few months. However, the car is yet to take the approval from Directorate General of Civil Aviation’s (DGCAs) to take its first flight.

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