The new magnet bomb prompts Indiansecurity agents to formulate new strategies

Thursday 16 February 2012, 11:04 AM by

The terror attack in New Delhi on Monday has posed new challenges for the security officials in India. The capital city of India has always been on the target radar of terrorists. On Monday, an unidentified motorbike-borne individual placed a magnet bomb in the rear end of the Innova car that belonged to Israeli diplomat’s wife. Just seconds after placing the magnetic bomb, the car burnt into flames.

Tal Yehoshua Korene, wife of Israel’s defence attaché, was one of the passengers of the car who suffered multiple injuries. Benjamin Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister) and Indian Intelligence sources believe that Iran is behind the magnetic bomb attack.

The magnet bomb, otherwise known as limpet bomb, was used in the country for the very first time. This type of assault is a major concern for the security personnel as magnetic bomb attack is directed towards individual rather than crowded places. It is obvious that security agents cannot be present with every citizen of the country and that is why, coping with this type of terror attack is even more difficult.

The new magnet bomb prompts Indiansecurity agents to formulate new strategies |
The new magnet bomb prompts Indiansecurity agents to formulate new strategies

People who are provided with Z-plus and Z security still have better chances of falling victim to such attacks. This is because, an individual with Z-plus and Z category security are followed by security personnel that would eliminate the possibility of planting the magnet bomb on individual’s car.

A senior intelligence officer was present to comment on the recent magnet bomb attack. He stated, "We can only hope that this does not inspire others. Or else, we will be saddled with a gigantic task. You can imagine what we will be required to do if there are a couple of copycat attacks. The sheer task of providing people with additional cover is going to be a huge strain on our resources.”

The recent magnetic bomb attack on the Israel embassy car has brought under the scanner the current scheme of assigning unique numbers to vehicles of diplomats of other countries. Assigning unique registration numbers make diplomats vulnerable to terror attacks.

Following the magnetic bomb attack on Monday, security was tightened, especially for Israel and American embassies. According to the Home Minister, P. Chidambaram, the individual who placed the bomb was well-trained and the entire plan involves local support.

The CCTV camera installed at the Aurangzeb Road has failed to reveal the exact identity of the bomber. The Delhi Police investigators have approached Israeli and Canadian embassies to get clues from CCTV cameras installed within their premises. Security agencies of Israel and India have agreed to work together to investigate about the individual who planted the magnet bomb in the Innova car.

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