The need for preserving India's first ever Maruti 800

The need for preserving India's first ever Maruti 800 New Maruti Suzuki 800
author image Roger Dsouza
Monday 20 April 2015, 15:00 PM

India’s national capital New Delhi might have the word “new” in its name but the region has a complex, eventful and rich history. There are several museums and monuments that represent the time but none are there to preserve the city’s amazing car history. Only a few weeks back, daily newspaper Hindustan Times published a report on the first ever Maruti Suzuki 800, popular known as the Maruti 800, which is currently rusting away in a South Delhi area. Ever since the report has been published, there has been a huge response to the daily for ensuring the preservation of the model.

The need for preserving India's first ever Maruti 800

If one comes to think of it, the first ever Maruti 800 is not only a rare car, it is a piece of history that represents the progress Indian automobile market has made over the years. For this particular reason, many have offered to buy the first Maruti 800 but the family of the owners, who passed away, has declined. Experts feel that this car could be a star attraction in any museum that represents the city’s history. However, unfortunately for the car, there is no museum or place that can ensure its preservation at the moment.

The Maruti 800, as a car, represents the beginning of the four-wheeler becoming a mass commodity that is not just for the elite. Quite fittingly, the keys of the first Maruti Suzuki 800 were handed over to the owner Harpal Singh during mid-1980s by then Prime Minister of India – Indira Gandhi. The need for preserving models like the first Maruti Suzuki 800 cannot be stressed upon enough and it is something that the concerned authorities, be it the government or the manufacturer, should keep in mind.

In this modern age, where new cars are launched on a daily basis, there is a danger that most of these will get lost in transition and anything that can be done for their preservation will not be enough.

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