The Growing love for Crossover Vehicles in India

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Indian roads have always been ideal for hatchbacks and sedans. For years, these models have dominated the Indian roads. Later on with time, SUVs started making a place for themselves and thus, provided a variety in the types of cars that ply on Indian roads and weather conditions. However, the latest trend shows the growth of a new type of automobiles in the country. This is mainly because of a particular segment of car buyers who are looking to make a new decision while purchasing their next car. Sometimes categorised as the crossover, these cars are also known as the CUVs or the Crossover Utility Vehicles. As easily deciphered from the name, these have their traces from regular SUVs or the modern MUVs, but are slightly different in a few aspects.

The Growing love for Crossover Vehicles in India |
Fiat Avventura

There are certain aspects, which can be noticed to identify a CUV or a crossover. However, the most important one is that it is based on the platform of a regular hatchback with characteristics and features that are more towards a normal SUV. So, a car, which has the features and specifications of a SUV or a MUV despite being based on the platform of a hatchback, can be termed as a crossover.

Volkswagen Cross Polo

There were a number of instances in the past where CUVs made a debut in the Indian market. The first such marked introduction was by the company Fiat, which launched their first crossover vehicle in the form of Palio. Though, it could not attain the popularity or the market that was expected, the Italian company is hoping to try its fortunes in this segment with the all-new Avventura. This model was initially showcased at the Delhi Auto Show held in 2014. It is more of an expansion of the Punto, which is a premium hatchback of Fiat. Apart from that, the car has been given an extra cladding to give a muscular look.

Toyota Etios Cross
Toyota Etios Cross

There are a couple of other models, which can be identified as crossovers like the Volkswagen Polo and Toyota Etios, the cross versions. Volkswagen has not made many differences in its crossover model as compared to the hatchback. Neither the cross model gets a grille guard, nor it has a beefy appearance so characteristic of CUVs. On the contrary, the car is a comfortable choice in respect of riding quality and handling, as are the rest of the models from Volkswagen.

Other upcoming models that have tried their hands in the CUV concept are Tata Aria, Mahindra XUV500 and Quanto. Even Maruti is looking for XA Alpha, which might be their first venture in the crossover market. Renault has an immensely successful model in this segment with Duster, so is Ecosport from Ford, which has set the streets on fire. The growing trend and market has given the automobile manufacturers the scope to test and try their hands into the crossover market.

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