Tata unveils Safari Storme Armoured and GS 800 at DEFEXPO India 2012

Saturday 31 March 2012, 11:52 AM by

Tata Motors, one of the biggest car makers in India, chose the DEFEXPO India 2012 as the occasion to launch two defense-oriented versions of the new edition of Safari. Named Tata Safari Storme GS 800 and Tata Safari Storme Armoured, the two Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are part of the company's strategy to increase its line up for the defence sector. After the products showcased at the DEFEXPO, Tata's portfolio includes combat vehicles, troop carriers, tactical vehicles, logistics vehicles and equipment.

Tata unveils Safari Storme Armoured and GS 800 at DEFEXPO India 2012  | CarTrade.com
Tata unveils Safari Storme Armoured and GS 800 at DEFEXPO India 2012

Tata Safari Storme GS 800 is equipped with Four Wheel Drive (FWD) system for smooth tracking of the roughest terrains. At the event, it was presented in olive green covers and shown as a high mobility platform which can be utilised for facilitating transportation of Army personnel. The company had brought together its in-house expertise to come up with the GS 800 model, which caters to the exact mobility requirements of Defence forces in time of peace as well as war.

On the other hand, the Tata Safari Storme Armoured is aimed at the VVIP class. It caters to the huge demand for safe vehicles that can be used for transporting high profile individuals, such as ministers, dignitaries and ambassadors. Safari Storme Armoured comes with several advanced automotive technologies and reinforced chassis and suspension, along with improved braking that can handle the weight of the armoured model.

Along with these, the company also chose to exhibit the new Micro Bullet Proof Vehicle (MBPV) at the event. It was introduced as a combat vehicle that was ideal for indoor operations, such as airports, railway stations and other similar facilities. Other models debuted by Tata at DEFEXPO 2012 were Tata 12X12 Prahaar Missile Carrier, Tata Light Armoured Vehicle, Tata Mobile Bunker and Tata 6X6 7kI Refueler. Tata Quick Deployment Mobile Communication Terminal (QDMCT) was among the concept vehicles unveiled by the manufacturer at the occasion.

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