Tata Nano: What Now?

Thursday 09 October 2008, 00:00 AM by Satish

Much has been talked about the Nano fiasco over the past weeks. The car has ultimately found its safe haven in Sanand in Gujarat. The company will plan its production as soon as possible but there is no official word about it so far.

Tata Chairman, Ratan Tata, was asked about the pricing of the car when he formally announced shifting the plant to Gujarat in a press conference. “Wait for the launch,” he said as he stated that times have changes since the announcement of the project. "Why don't we wait till the car is launched... A lot of things have changed, price of steel, commodities have gone up. I think it is fair that when the car rolls out then the company is able to announce the price," he said.

Tata Nano has been poised as “People’s Car” with a price tag of approximately $2500. This four door model will be 3.1 metres long, 1.5 metre wide and will have a height of 1.6 metres. It will only have a rear wheel drive with a 623cc engine present at the rear end. It has a 2-cylinder engine with single balancer shaft. Its current tailpipe emission performance exceeds the current regulatory specifications which makes it more environmentally friendly than existing two-wheelers in the country. It delivers high fuel efficiency of 20kmpl with low CO2 emissions.

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