Tata Nano makes Tata to Enter Biggest Business Brains List

Monday 12 May 2008, 00:00 AM by Satish

Ratan Tata launched its wonder car “Nano” earlier this year. Little did he realise that this car would change the complete outlook of the auto car industry. Tata Nano has already entered the records as the world’s cheapest car. Now it marks yet another milestone since its launch.

Ratan Tata has now been included in the list of World’s 73 Biggest Brains List. Conde Nast Portfolio, a US business magazine, in its May issue listed world’s top innovators and biggest brains in the business. The list included the media czar Rupert Murdoch, Microsoft Bill Gates, Google Co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, etc.

According to the magazine, “Brilliance comes in many forms, whether it is founding a startup that kicks sand in Microsoft’s face or creating an affordable car for the developing world. A small number of innovators influence the rest of the influencers in business.”

It also added about Ratan Tata, ““He believes the future of the auto industry rests in the hands of people who don’t yet drive. Besides snapping up Jaguar and Land Rover, his company, the Tata Group, is developing a car that will cost just $2,500.”
The model shall not be available in the US market but it has already made other car companies sit up and take notice. Renault-Nissan is already planning similar car in alliance with Bajaj in India that would sell for $3000 or less.

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