Tata Nano at Cooper Hewitt Museum

Saturday 12 December 2009, 00:00 AM by Satish Kalepu

Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum is a one of its kind museum in the US and has been devoted exclusively to historic and contemporary designs. The Museum not only features permanent and regular exhibits but also presents Annual National Design awards in the US. India’s world famous and the cheapest car will be featured at Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York next year.

Tata Nano at Cooper Hewitt Museum | CarTrade.com

"Cooper-Hewitt's mission is to present the very latest developments in design and technology and the Tata Nano introduces more families in India to the new world of affordable and safer mobility," said Cara McCarty, curatorial director of the museum. "We're eager to display the Tata Nano at the museum, where many visitors will see it for the first time," she said.

Tata Nano will be featured at the Cooper Hewitt Museum from February 18 to April 25 where most of the visitors will see the world’s cheapest car for the first time. According to the statement from Smithsonian Institute Nano highlights the concept of new age affordable motoring in the modern world.

Tata Motors is now developing the European model of the car christened as Tata Nano Europa that will be pricier as compared to the Indian model and will have additional features according to European standards. Eventually, Tata Motors also intends to build a hybrid and an all-electric model of Tata Nano.

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