Tata Nano - 1 Lakh Rupee Car

Friday 11 January 2008, 00:00 AM by Mohan

Mr. Tata's 'dream project', the Rs one-lakh car has generated immense interest in the Indian auto market, where Tata's current lowest-priced car is Indica with a tag of Rs 3.3 lakh. The one lakh rupee car is going to be a real car with the basic features. The car is in every way a car, with an engine, a suspension, and a steering system designed for its size.

The most watched car in the Indian car space - the Rs 1-lakh offering from the Tata Motors stables - is going to be launched in september in 3 variants.

It is aimed to rank between high end motor cycles and the compact car segment. Unlike other low cost Indian cars, this one is going to have a variomatic gear system. Instead of manual gear box in conventional cars it is coming up as gear less or rather with an automatic gear transmission. This helps to improve the efficiency & mileage by magnifying the torque output.

As in international markets, the compact car from Tata will have back mounted engine, pushing the luggage space to the front. Making the engine closer to the fuel tank has another advantage of increased fuel efficiency. Rear mounted engine also help in reducing the power loss during transmission. The car will have front disk and rear drum brakes. The company claims mileage of 22 kmpl in city and 26 kmpl on highway.

By adhering to the fact that less weight requires less power, the 1 lakh car is made of light weighing steel. This has made the Tatas come up with a cheap alternative with out compromising on safety and performance. The base model will feature glass windows that can be cranked up. The tail lights are expected to appear like as in Tata Indica. This four seated, four doored car with light weight body is expected to come with a 2 cylinder 600cc petrol engine with a power rating of 33bhp. Higher versions will have the comforts of power steering, power windows, air-conditioning and much more.

Instead of researching on low cost components by themselves, Tata has delegated the task to various vendors. The fuel-injection system is being developed by MICO while Brakes India and Bosch Chassis Systems will be supplying low cost braking system. Around 55 prototypes have been tested on Indian roads under varied conditions. It has been reported that the final model will make its debut in September 2008.

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